How to handle an estate cleanout in California

Do you need to downsize or get rid of unnecessary items in your home? Are you familiar with an estate cleanout? What is it? Simply said, it includes sorting property, organizing contents, and getting rid of items you don’t use anymore. If you live in CA, how to handle an estate cleanout in California, and what steps to take?

Tips for an estate cleanout in California

If you have never done it before, don’t worry, it is not impossible to do. Usually, people are doing this when downsizing, moving, when a loved one passes away, or they want to declutter and renovate a home. Having a guide and tips to follow will make the process easier to handle.

A woman with a mop doing estate cleanout in California
Clean your home in California and declutter it

A lot of people hire a cleaning service when moving out, but it is not the only time when it is time to clean and declutter. In most cases, people prefer spring cleaning. No matter what your reason for cleanout is, here are some simple steps to take, to do it like a pro:

  • Create a timeline and be realistic.
  • Find and set aside all the important documents such as financial documents, certifications, and diplomas. Also, keep photos and other memorabilia in the same place.
  • Include your family members in the cleanout process. If you are living alone, ask a couple of friends to help you out.
  • Separate items you want to keep and toss. Don’t get too emotional. If you didn’t use an item for one year or more, you probably don’t need it.
  • Items you do not want or need anymore, sell or donate. Garage sales are a good way to earn money and declutter the home, at the same time.
  • Get enough moving boxes to organize items and bags for garbage.

Just like you can hire Rockstar Pro Movers for moving in California, also, you can hire cleaners and home organizers if you don’t know how to make a house cleanout successful.

A garage sale.
Sell or donate items you don’t need or use anymore

Junk removal

Another question is – how to transport all the junk you want to get rid of? The easiest solution is to hire a company for that task. Because an experienced crew can assist you anytime to transport all your old furniture and other household items. This way, you will handle an estate cleanout in California like a piece of cake. Research junk removals in California and they will get rid of all the unnecessary items. 

Cleaning your new apartment after moving

After moving in, it is time to deep clean your new apartment so you can relax and enjoy. Especially to clean carpets, sofas, beds, and most people renovate a bathroom (if the house is theirs). Also, when furnishing and decorating your new house, you will probably see that some items cannot fit in. It is time when an estate cleanout in California is needed too.

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