How to dismantle a wooden closet

When moving, one of the challenges you’ll face is taking apart and moving big household items. Such as furniture. That’s an overwhelming and time-consuming process. But, this guide on how to dismantle a wooden closet can help you. Wondering how to prepare for the move? Well, the key is in planning and preparing in advance. The same thing applies when you want to dismantle a wooden closet. First, you have to collect the adequate tools. Then, evaluate the best way to take apart closets safely and damage-free. Here are the steps to follow.

Empty the wooden closet and pack your clothes

To dismantle a wooden closet safely, first, you must empty it and pack all of your clothes. You can speed up the process by knowing the most common packing mistakes to avoid. Relocating is an excellent time to declutter your closet. So, use that opportunity to sell, recycle, or throw away the items you don’t need or use.

Wood Closet Retro - Dismantle a wooden closet
To dismantle a wooden close you have to follow steps.

 Inspect closet

Try to find disassembling places in your closet. In big wooden closets, it can be difficult to find every screw because they may have upholstery covers. So, check every corner and point and evaluate which tools you might need. Then, if a closet is attached to a wall, check if it’s done by nail or screws.

The tools you need to dismantle a wooden closet

So, to dismantle a wooden closet you need:

  • Screwdrivers.
  • A power drill.
  • Box cutters and knives.
  • A pry bar.

Dismantle a wooden closet safely

The dismantling process can be less or more challenging. It depends on the type of your closet and its position against the wall. But, here are the steps to follow:

  • Remove the drawers, compartments, and other elements.
  • Takedown the closet doors.
  • Use the power drill to detach the closet from the wall. If it’s nailed to the wall, perhaps you need to use a pry bar also.
  • Have someone to help you. Wooden closets are heavy. So, detaching them by yourself is unsafe.
  • See if any screws are painted over. If they are, scrape the paint and remove them.
  • If you want to dismantle the whole closet, label the pieces. Also, make a reassembly plan.
  • Try not to damage your closet. So, place its parts on a clean large piece of linen or moving blanket.
Wardrobe Closet
Make sure you dismantle a closet safely.

Pack the closet for moving

After dismantling a wooden closet, prepare it for packing. Gather quality packing supplies. But, make sure you use moving and packing: checklist of essential supplies. Wrap and cushion your wooden closet. Use smaller moving boxes to store your bolts, screws, and tool.

Do you need help with moving?

Moving is a stressful process, we all know it. There are so many to-do tasks to focus on. So, you need a lot of time to plan and complete those tasks. That is why you should consider hiring movers that can offer you special moving services like the assembly and reassembly of your furniture. 

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