Help your pet adjust to your new Chicago home

Moving can be quite a stressful process for everyone involved, especially for our four-legged (or two-legged) friends. Long-distance moving is even more stressful. Our pets can be very sensitive, and we don’t want to upset them more than necessary. Chicago can be quite cold, and its climate is quite different than the rest of the US’s. So, how can you help your pet to adjust to your new Chicago home, and how to prepare your pet for this big move. This seems hard, right? Thankfully, those are the questions we’re going to tackle in this article. So, without further ado, let’s see how can you help your pet adjust to your new Chicago home. Let’s begin!

Try to keep old routines

Every change is stressful, and those changes can be even more stressful for your pets. Our four-legged friends can be very sensitive to any kind of change, and that stress can be even more pronounced when you’re moving to another state altogether. So, try to keep old routines. That way your pet will know that nothing dramatic happened, and it will feel safer when it sees that the mealtime is at the same time as before, for example. If you’re Moving Places you should find a reliable moving company that can take care of your pet (nice pun, right?).

Chicago can be quite cold

If you’re coming from warmer states, moving to Chicago can be quite a surprise for your pet. The climate is quite cold, and you should prepare your pet for that kind of weather. Yes, it is not cold like if you move to Greenland, but Chicago can be quite menacing. If you have a dog, buy some pet clothes. Some dog breeds are more sensitive to cold weather, and it can be very dangerous to go out with your pets in Chicago unprepared.

Husky in snow.
Some dog breeds can even enjoy the weather in Chicago.

So, try to keep your pets as worm as possible (just like when you’re moving with your partner), since the Chicago climate is unforgiving. But check how adaptable to colder weather is your pet. Some breeds even enjoy being in cold weather. Those are huskies and similar breeds.

Let them explore their new habitat

The main problem when it comes to moving with your pets is them suddenly being brought to a new habitat. Put yourself in your pet’s position. Suddenly you’ll be in a totally strange place you have never seen before, and your tiny animal brain cannot comprehend that sudden change. This is why you need to let your pet explore its new habitat. Take your pet for a walk as much as you can, simply to familiarize your pet with its new surroundings.

Help your pet adjust to your new Chicago home?
Help your pet adjust to your new Chicago home by letting it to explore its new habitat.

Your pet should easily adjust to its new environment if you take it for a walk as often as you can. It will know that the surroundings are safe, and you will have a much healthier and happier pet.

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