Guidelines for packing your kitchen for relocation

When moving your family to a new home, the kitchen is typically the most difficult room to pack. A kitchen has more pieces of various shapes and sizes than just about any other room in the house, with all of its little items, cabinets, and drawers, not to mention food products. And, because most kitchen equipment and materials will be needed in the new home, there aren’t many items you can give it away or donate. So guidelines for packing your kitchen for relocation can be very useful. But you need to choose a location when you are ready and buy a home for your family. Then the fun part of packing your kitchen begins.

Start packing from the top

Begin with the most cluttered drawer. Get rid of any unnecessary products or items that you don’t need. Don’t move anything if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months. Only one set of silverware per family member should be kept in the kitchen drawer. You’ll keep these sets in your basics box. Pack your recipes now if you haven’t already. To avoid bending the spines of your books, remember to pack them flat.

Start packing your kitchen from the top
Start packing your kitchen from the top to the bottom. Declutter while you are in the process.

Place the books in the box according to your preferences, with the most often used books on top. If you want to include a book in your essentials box, keep it out, but just put one. Your essentials box should only contain the most essential materials. You can use some packing tactics to make your whole experience easier and faster.

Be careful when packing fragile items

Just one thing you must take your time with is dish packing. Because mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, as well as other dishes, are likely to break, you need to take precautions when transporting them. Cover each dish in tissue paper and seal it with packing tape separately. This way, even if it breaks, the bits won’t fly all over the box, potentially destroying the rest of the content.

Place the dishes in smaller or medium-sized containers. Smaller and medium-sized boxes are more sturdy. When you’re carrying heavy stuff in a large box, you’re just asking for trouble. When packing your glasses, don’t forget to include the cell kits. These minor details may not appear to be significant, yet they are. You know that proper material is a must when packing such fragile items. So be sure that you have the supplies that you need.

Dishes that are fragile
Be careful with fragile dishes and other items in your kitchen.

Packing your kitchen includes appliances

It would be ideal if you could pack your devices in their original packaging. If you don’t have the original boxes, you’ll have to measure each of your kitchen equipment individually and purchase boxes that fit. You can prepare the appliances for shipping once you have all of your packing supplies. First, carefully wash and dry them. If an item can be disassembled, it is highly advised that you do so as well.

Make sure to wrap each piece in plastic wrap or packing paper separately. Fill the box with everything, putting heavier goods on the bottom and lighter stuff on the top. Don’t forget to name the appliance pieces that belong together. Then you can go and pack your household items with ease. After packing your kitchen for relocation, the rest of the house will be piece of cake.

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