Guide to shipping medical devices to Saudi Arabia

Even though it might seem like an unusual and complicated thing, shipping medical products happen all the time. It’s a big part of the shipping business, where manufacturers send out their products to customers and sales representatives. However, when shipping medical devices to Saudi Arabia, there are certain things you should be aware of. Here’s a simple guide to help you ship your products without any problems.

Choose the right shipping company

Since you need to trust a company with delicate and probably expensive medical devices, it’s necessary to hire someone reliable. Contacting¬† for more information on logistics services will ensure professional shipping assistance, friendly communication, and affordable rates.¬†

Saudi Arabia regulations on shipping medical devices

You should always inform on the latest changes in customs regulations when moving to a foreign country or shipping some products. Even the smallest details can delay the shipping process or cause additional problems. When shipping medical devices to Saudi Arabia, you need to pay attention to:

  • the shelf life of the device – usually, the shelf life of a medical device is more than one year. It’s necessary for the product to have at least 4 months of shelf life left, before entering the country.
  • deadline for pending MDMA (Medical Device Market Application); Saudi Arabia Authorized Representatives of overseas Saudi market applicants must make payment for MDMAs 30 after getting payment requests from the SFDA.
  • other regulations – check the SFDA website for more information on shipping medical devices. Remember that items that are not SFDA- approved require additional documents.

However, if you lack experience with these shipping regulations, it’s best to consult a professional for taking care of regulations with customs. This will give you peace of mind and make the whole process easier.

An airplane ready for shipping medical devices to Saudi Arabia
Customs regulations can be confusing, so be sure to inform in detail or contact a professional.

Packing medical devices for shipping

When preparing the items for shipping, you should always keep in mind that medical devices are often very fragile. That’s why doing your best to improve the safety of the items should be the top priority.

Firstly, it’s necessary to get all the necessary packing supplies. These include appropriate containers and a lot of packing material. Be sure to get enough of these, since it’s necessary to protect the items inside carefully. Wrapping paper, foam cut-outs, and air cushions will ensure the medical device you pack doesn’t move a lot during transport, and it protects the device from pressure.

A man packing a box for shipping medical devices to Saudi Arabia
Safe packaging is the top priority when shipping medical devices to Saudi Arabia.


When packing such a delicate item, it’s best to use the smallest container possible. These should be robust enough and maintain it’s integrity for a longer period of time.

The package needs to be protected from all the damage, and arrive at a hospital in the best condition. Therefore, sealing the package needs to be done with care, so the container can be opened without any problems. Otherwise, the medical device can be exposed to contamination, which is the biggest issue for shipping items like this.

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