Guide to organizing a move from Las Vegas to Chicago this summer

Moving this summer is not going to be easy. With the COVID – 19 pandemic the travel everywhere in the world is almost at a standstill. However, if you plan to move to Chicago this summer you will have to know certain things. So let’s make a short guide to organizing a move from Las Vegas to Chicago. Let us analyze and list all of the things you have to know for your move. 

Leaving Las Vegas

Well, Las Vegas is a fun town to visit, and for many people its nice to live there too. Las Vegas is considered to be one of the US global cities after all. However, the city is not for everyone. Many people tend to move there only to leave it in a year or two. The city is interesting but the lifestyle may just be too much for some people to handle. At the same time finding a job in Vegas may not be that easy. While you can find more affordable housing then in NYC you will earn considerably less so the trade-off may not be worth it. Many people also can’t handle the heat and the desert. Quality of healthcare is also a low point, especially with families. Also, most jobs are not sufficiently covered with health befits and healthcare is expensive. So, with all said, you should research a guide to organizing a move from Las Vegas to Chicago to help you prepare.

Las Vegas at night that can become too much after a while and then organizing a move from Las Vegas to Chicago becomes inevitable.
Vegas lifestyle and the desert may not be for everyone so people tend to move

Why Chicago?

If you compare it to Vegas, Chicago is at the farthest opposite point of the scale. Many consider it a mix of iconic, welcoming, and innovative. Chicago today is a large metropolitan hub with bustling business and economy. It is a mixture of old and new and is a developing metropolis. Moving to Chicago requires research and analysis of the weather, crime accessibility, schooling, affordability. These analyses will make it clear if you should move all the way to another state or not.

  • In comparison to Vegas, you have to get used to Chicago weather. Cold winters and snow that can paralyze the city are not uncommon. It also experiences some warm weather but its humid and windy so get used to it.
  • Crime rates in Chicago can differ a lot from neighborhood to neighborhood. In total, crime rates are going down with the development of the city and new neighborhoods and amenities being built for the community.
  • Chicago can be considered a walkable city. It is easy to get around both on foot and by bike. The city also has a good public transportation system. 
  • The schooling system is also well developed. Both primary and high schools rank highly in the US

Guide to organizing a move from Las Vegas to Chicago

When you have decided to move from Las Vegas to Chicago this summer, it’s time to prepare and organize your move. Moving preparation and organization is crucial for its success. A smooth, fast, and stress-free move requires good planning. Start planning well in advance for a smooth move. Make sure your plan deals with key elements of the move:

  • Budget
  • Hiring movers
  • Making an inventory
  • Moving prep.
A street in Chicago.
The windy city can be a real magnet to people moving from Vegas


The most essential part of a long-distance move such as a move from Las Vegas to Chicago is the budget. Budget is the important part of every relocation and it is even more important in long-distance moves. They are expensive and complicated and require proper planning and assessment. Make sure that you have a list of all possible expenses and the way to finance and cover them. 

Hire long distance movers

Long-distance moving is extremely complex. At the same time, it is more expensive than a regular, short distance, or local move. It means that you will be transporting your belongings and valuables hundreds if not thousands of miles away and often be separated from them. So, to be sure and secure, you should hire a reputable moving company to handle your move. They must be reputable and trustworthy to handle your belongings. So, hiring movers is an important and step that is not easy. Do your research, and analyze each mover to make a good decision that will make you feel secure. Your movers should be certified, reputable, insured and reliable to guarantee a safe and efficient move.

They should also be affordable. Long-distance moving can be expensive so try to negotiate a good deal and try to get a discount. It will also depend on the additional services you require. Make sure that you get proper insurance for your belongings and also additional services if you require them. Your total moving cost will depend on the distance, weight, and number of items you are moving as well as on the additional services.

Make an inventory

It can be dull but an inventory is very valuable when moving. An inventory can save you a lot of time an elevate a lot of stress while moving. It will also help you save money and keep track of things. So, make an inventory of your belongings and try to get rid of all the things you do not need or use. A lot of the stuff you have, you have accumulated and stopped using at one point. So make sure to declutter and shed weight to make your move easier and less expensive. 

Also, be realistic about your furniture. The furniture is heavy, bulky and takes a lot of space. Its transportation during the move can considerably increase your expenses. So, make sure you get rid of any furniture you can easily replace or buy cheaply. Valuable heirlooms, antiques, and such should be properly packed and protected. These items should be carefully transported or even put in storage. So, make sure to sell, donate, or give away your old furniture rather than move it and pay a high cost for it.

Moving prep

As opposed to a short distance, long-distance moves can last for days. This means that you will be separated from your stuff for long periods of time. Make sure to pack and protect your belongings well for transport. Packing is critical. Quality packing is essential for protection. Make sure to pack and prepare packing supplies well in advance to handle it correctly. Get all of the boxes, tapes, wraps, and protection well in advance. Enlist friends and family to help you pack and label your stuff.

Person writing a checklist while organizing a move from Las Vegas to Chicago.
Make sure you make a good plan and follow it

If you are ready to pay the price, you can also get the help of professional packers or movers like Triple 7 Movers that provide packing services. 

Final words

So, here is the guide to organizing a move from Las Vegas to Chicago. It is simple to follow and easy to understand. Do some more research to make sure you get it right. Hope we helped you prepare for your move this summer, despite the virus and the pandemic.

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