Fun things to do in Mission Viejo on weekends

Many people believe that relocation is only about getting to one place and taking your things with you. Well, it is not. Believe it or not, there is so much more behind that. Especially when you move to an interesting place. You should realize that you will continue living there, and you should know where to go and what to do. There are so many fun things to do in Mission Viejo, especially on weekends. And you must explore them and even make a list so all of your weekends can be planned in advance. Soon enough you will realize how many possibilities living in this place will give you. But for now, let’s see what you can do about your weekend getaways. Now you even have reasons to visit San Francisco, you won’t be far away.

Start with a visit to the lake as it is one of the fun things to do in Mission Viejo

Even though making a visit to the lake doesn’t seem that fun, you would be surprised. Not only is it a beautiful place with amazing views and nature everywhere around, but there is so much more. For starters, there are two beaches where you can hang out and have a picnic or do anything else that you would like to do. On both of them, you will find snack bars that serve wine and beer and snacks to combine them with. You can also rent kayaks, sailboats, and paddleboards here. So, bring your friends and enjoy a day together. And lastly, there is a party boat that invites all the generations to party while circling around the lake. Can you imagine a better start to your new life than this?

If you like the idea of this day, imagine only better things coming along. Even though it is small, Mission Viejo offers quite a lot. After this fulfilling day on the beach, treat yourself to a shopping spree at The Shops Mission Viejo. There are also many food courts so it will be like a relaxing night out. Arrange your movers to relocate you there as soon as possible since there are plenty of things to do and places to visit. You don’t want to miss out on something. Visit websites like to hire movers on time and arrange a meeting with them so you can discuss all the details.

Landscape view of a lake.
Make sure that you visit the lake when you get to Mission Viejo.

For outdoorsy people, there are amazing spots to visit

The definition of fun activities is not the same for everyone. That is why we try to combine different kinds of activities. If you are someone who enjoys being in nature, there is something for you as well. Firstly, you should visit Rancho Santa Margarita Lake. There are many scenic and walking areas, and so many landmarks to see. The path around the lake is in very good condition, and the entire area around the lake is amazing for a relaxing walk. If you have a pet, you can bring it with you since the place is pet friendly. This is one of the ways how to survive a summer move in California with pets.

You will find many meadows around where you can sit and enjoy reading or maybe even have a small picnic. Make sure that you catch sunrise or sunset since, in that period, the colors around the lake and in the sky are the most beautiful. It will take your breath away, that’s for sure. There is also another interesting place that you will probably like. And you should visit it. Oso Creek Trail is a place with many landmarks surrounded by nature and green colors. Along the path, you can even experience wildlife. If you are a morning person, make sure that you walk this path early in the morning to catch some nice fresh air. There are many benches along the path so make sure that you bring a cup of coffee to wake up properly.

We cannot but mention golfing

For a small town, Mission Viejo has an amazing golfing court. If you like golf, make sure that you visit Casta Del Sol Golf Course on weekends. It was founded back in the 70s and since then many people liked to spend their weekends here. You don’t have to do anything extreme, just for fun and for a couple of hours. Let experts give you a hand with the moving, sot hat you are free to golf. Local movers around Mission Viejo are experienced and they can give you a warm welcome into the town.

Person playing golf.
Many people go golfing on weekends since it is one way of the fun things to do in Mission Viejo.

If you want something that boosts up adrenalin, go to Hangar 18

Many people consider Hangar 18 as one of the fun things to do in Mission Viejo. You don’t need to be fit or lead a lifestyle of a fitness influencer to visit this place one weekend. It is an indoor climbing area where you and your friends can hang out and do a little bit of climbing. There is even a possibility to take professional classes if you get interested. If you prefer indoor activities, you can always turn your garage into a game room, instead.

If you can’t find fun things to do in Mission Viejo don’t forget that San Francisco and Los Angeles are nearby

Now some people prefer to have parties all night on weekends because that is their idea of fun. You might not be able to find that much in Mission Viejo. But remember that San Francisco and Los Angeles are quite close to you. And in these cities, you can find what you are looking for.

Family having a picnic in nature.
Have a family picnic, now you have a perfect excuse.

Better make a list

Since there are plenty of fun things to do in Mission Viejo, you should organize each weekend in advance. There are so many things to do, so many places to visit. It is better that you hang a calendar on the fridge and simply add ideas so you can know on time what to do each weekend.

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