Florida family’s guide through Chicago

Moving to Chicago can be quite a complicated process. It requires complex planning and organization to pull through successfully. Moving with a family only makes things more complex. In addition, the transition can be quite difficult for the whole family. The difference between Florida and the windy city is great. To prepare adequately for your move to Chicago, you should get to know the city and some of its family-related aspects. So, do your research and get to know the city. If you are coming from Florida, here is a detailed family’s guide through Chicago to help you with your preparation.

Moving to Chicago from Florida

First of all, you must know that your interstate move from Florida to Chicago can be difficult. It will require lots of detailed planning and preparation. Make sure to start preparing well ahead of time. You must know that there are resources and services that will help you make the move easier. Research the moving market and the moving companies. Each of them offers a number of services that can make your move easier. So, explore a variety of helpful options that are at your disposal and find the right services and movers to handle your move.

Lake Michigan and a park
Chicago has some of the best outdoor spaces that are family-friendly

Guide through Chicago

Moving with a family requires you to know the city you are moving to in advance. You must know that Chicago is not only a big city but it is also family-friendly. It has several neighborhoods that are suitable for families. Chicago also has many amenities that are family-oriented and can meet the needs of both children and adults. The city offers plenty of outdoor space suitable for families. It is very walkable and every park is within walking distance. So, let’s explore some of these aspects.

Old houses in Chicago that deserve to be mentioned in any guide through Chicago.
The housing situation in Chicago is also suitable for families with affordable houses and great neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in Chicago

A fact important to families is that Chicago neighborhoods are more affordable than in other big cities. The housing situation is better and the neighborhoods are cleaner. But before you decide to hire¬†statetostatemove.com for your long-distance relocation, you should get to know the neighborhoods. For your family’s living conditions, you should also know about some of the neighborhoods that are safe, close to schools, shopping dining, and entertainment. So, here are five of them that are considered to be the best:

  • Beverly
  • Edgewater
  • Hyde Park
  • Forest Glen
  • Edison Park

Amenities and entertainment – an unavoidable part of any guide through Chicago

The city has a great educational system that is great for families. Chicago also has famous architecture and a great cultural offering. This is why it is so attractive to families and generally family-friendly. It has a great botanical garden that is fun for the whole family. Chicago is also home to many museums such as Kohls museum, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and Illinois holocaust museum. Gallagher way is a plaza near Wrigley Field that is full of family-oriented activities. At the same time, the 606 trail is great for outdoor activities as is the Chicago Riverwalk. In addition, Chicago is home to many art and cultural centers, theaters, and parks that are great for all types of family-oriented activities.

Actors on a stage in a theatre
Chicago’s culture is among the best in the US.

So, Chicago is definitely family-friendly. However, it is impossible to sum it all up in a short Florida family’s guide. But you have the information to start your research. You will find that Chicago is a place for you.

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