Five reasons why moving to Weston, Florida is a great idea

So, you made a decision to move to Miami, Florida? You started your preparations, and you are now looking for a nice neighborhood to settle in. Our suggestion is that you consider moving to Weston. This is a lovely new city, founded in the mid-’90s on the edge of Everglades. On its northern and eastern borders, it is surrounded by Interstate 75 and is famous for its great landscapes and attractive neighborhoods. These are only some of the reasons why a lot of people organize their long-distance relocation and move here.  We will introduce you to some more.

Some general facts to know before moving to Weston, Florida

Let’s crunch some data. The city of Weston has a population of 69,802. In the first decade of the 21st century, its population grew by about 35% and since 2010 that number is 11,2%. The median salary is 91.500$ and the median age is 40. It is clear that Weston is a family-oriented community. But, the average household price is staggering 441.400$. It is a bit pricey but it is well worth it as you will find out after reading this article. Let’s go through five reasons why moving to Weston, Florida is a great idea.

#1 Landscapes

Weston has exactly 13 large parks which offer a lot of beautiful biking and walking routes. They are filled with various amenities like exercise paths, baseball fields, volleyball courts, shaded playgrounds and soccer/football fields, some of them have tracks.

A couple of notable parks here include:

  • Tequesta Trace Park – home of all local sports teams as well as FUTSOC, prominent soccer academy
  • Peace Mound Park – this park is built around the Tequesta Trace burial mound
  • Weston Library Park – is between Weston’s library, as the name suggests, and a local high school.
Golf club at the sunset
The world-class 18-hole setting is in Bonaventure Golf Club.

Very important landmarks are also Weston Hill country club and Bonaventure Golf Club. The golf club has a convention center with a restaurant and a full-size hotel. It is a nice getaway destination for golfers. The golf course has a world-class 18-hole setting, with a waterfall on the third hole. Trails and paths are lined with palm trees, to have complete scenery. At the same time, Weston Hill country club has two standard 18-hole courses.

Just across Interstate 75 is Markham park, and a bit north is Sawgrass recreational park. Proximity to Everglades makes this park very interesting. On the other side, to the south, you have Everglades Holiday Park where you can take an airboat tour or ride.

Welcome sign for Everglades.
Lizards will become your friends after moving to Weston, Florida.

#2 Trees

Yes, trees! You read it correctly. The city of Weston and its community are paying a lot of attention to flora, especially trees. Trees prevent air pollution and provide much-needed shade, which is always welcome since this is Florida. Also, nice well-groomed palm trees look kinda cool.

The City of Weston has a tree inventory, which helps the City to identify the value of the urban forest. Data from it suggests there are 34.573 trees and 238,45 acres of a tree canopy. Ficus Benjamina is the most widespread type with almost 5.000 trees. Also, notable information is that 38% of the trees are native to Florida. The data from 34,573 trees were first collected in 2016 using the i-Tree Eco model developed by the U.S. Forest Service.

#3 Education is definitely one of the reasons for moving to Weston

Broward County already has one of the top five educational systems in the country. Consequently, the city of Weston is no exception. Seven elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools that all have A standard grades on an assessment that is conducted by the State of Florida. There are also four private schools and there are also two colleges for the education of adults.

Moving to a new neighborhood in this area is determined by which school your children will attend. So, you may want to pay attention to this when deciding where you are going to live.

#4 Community

Moving to Weston, Florida is a great idea as it is a wonderful place to raise a family. In addition to A-rated schools and wonderful nature and sunsets, people are very friendly. Inhabitants of Weston are proud of their diversity. There are Portuguese, Colombians, Americans, Argentinians, Puerto Ricans, Ecuadorians, and many Venezuelans. Additionally, Weston has a nickname “Westonzuela” due to its large Venezuelan population.

Town has a very low crime rate and it famous by how safe and secure it is. Police are everywhere as this is a well-funded wealthy suburban area. And a lot of famous people love here, but to be honest mainly sport ex-professionals like Edi Jones, Udonis Haslem and NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino. Contrary to them, you might encounter Miss Universe Bárbara Palacios or hip-hop artist Gucci Mane.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the city has one of the best online sites. It has all the valid, necessary information and much more. Really impressive.

#5 City organization and layout

The nation’s Premier Municipal Corporation. Weston is a masterfully planned and organized suburban community. It was raised by the company that developed Walt Disney World with plans created so this city would be picture perfect. Money Magazine, Family Circle and USA Today confirmed that moving to Weston, Florida is a great idea. They all confirm the city’s status as one of the best places to live in. If you ask officials, they will say that many towns across the world would like to copy the situation from Weston.

Most residences in Weston are within a private development and thus governed by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA). HOA is a bit strict and will request certain maintenance standards from homeowners. Also, due to peculiar love for trees that are present in the City of Weston you can’t remove or plant any trees without a permit from HOA.

A luxurious home with a driveway.
The nation’s Premier Municipal Corporation.

Grocery stores are smartly put in every part of the town, so people don’t have to go far. Also, restaurants are everywhere around and similarly to the city’s populace are very diverse. From predominately Italian cuisine and pizzerias to Japanese restaurant over to Gelato Gourmet place specialized for ice-cream.

Hence, it’s high time you turned moving to Weston into a stress-free relocation of your entire home and grabbed all the opportunities at your disposal.

Conclusion on moving to Weston

Weston seems to be the perfect place for living with all the necessary amenities available to its residents. Apart from the expected affordability, Weston is simply perfect and its residents will gladly confirm this. Then again, the drawbacks are the usual ones that you can experience in Florida. Bugs and lizards can be an issue, warm and humid climate during summer can be oppressive. Public transportation is almost non-existent, you will have to drive everywhere.  However, the five reasons we have presented should still be enough to persuade you that moving to Weston, Florida is a great idea and that you should consider this city as a place where you want to live.

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