Family relocation from Illinois to Florida- cities you should consider

Florida is one of the most popular states in the United States. There are plenty of things that make it amazing. The beaches, the weather, the plenty of things to see, do, and plenty of great towns to choose from. People from states that are a bit colder and don’t have as much beautiful nature and beaches so this is why a lot of people are moving to Florida. Especially families with children. Florida is an amazing state for raising children. There are plenty of schools and fun outdoor activities for them. Especially if you move to a good city. There are plenty of cities you should consider moving to when relocating from Illinois to Florida. Both big and small ones. And we are here to tell you a bit more about some of them. Leaving Florida is going to be hard if you ever decide to do so.


The first city to mention is Plantation. A beautiful small town located on the East Coast of the state. It has everything you need. Beautiful parks are one of them. Great schools are easy to find in the town and in the area as well. It is located near Hollywood and Pompano Beach, somewhere in between the two cities.

Florida is one of the most popular moving destinations in the country for plenty of reasons.

If you decide to move to Plantation, you will be choosing among plenty of amazing houses. The real estate here isn’t expensive at all which is why a lot of people are moving to Plantation and within Plantation. Have in mind that the service is great in this city when it comes to relocation.

Cutler Bay

The second of a couple of the most beautiful cities you should consider moving to when relocating to Florida from Illinois would be Culter Bay. This is a city on the coast. And this is a very stereotypical Florida city. It has plenty of lakes and canals. It has amazing beaches. This is a bay so there aren’t plenty of beaches. But the lakes can serve the purpose as well. Amazing housing is another thing worth mentioning when talking about Cutler Bay. Moving to Weston is a great idea as well if searching for amazing affordable housing.


Last but not least would be Homestead. Homestead is a place where you can easily settle in within the area because it is very welcoming. Moving to Homestead is a great idea if you ask us.

Homestead has plenty of fun things for you to do with your family after relocating from Illinois.

One of the things that we find the most beautiful about this city is the fact that it has plenty of parks. This is perfect for people who love spending time outside which are usually people with children and pets. There is also a museum here as well as a cinema. Living with teenagers in Homestead is a good idea as well as it isn’t a boring place to live in.

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