Exciting summer activities in Ridgecrest, CA

There are plenty of exciting summer activities in Ridgecrest, California you can explore this summer. Kern County’s Ridgecrest is a desirable community in California, also known as the Golden State. Those who live in Ridgecrest enjoy a nice and comfortable suburban lifestyle. This is a perfect place for young families and young professionals. But this can also be a good place for you to go on a vacation. No matter if you are moving here, visiting a friend/relative, or just passing through we will show you all the fun stuff you can do here this summer. After all, summer is just around the block. For the ones who are moving here, we will share some relocation tips as well. Now, let’s begin.

Do you want to see the horse?

This is a great place for couples. Sunsets in Ridgecrest are famously breathtaking, and the town is recognized for its year-round sunshine. So this is something you need to explore and enjoy as many outdoor activities as you possibly can. Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse and Burro Corrals is such an amazing place we need to mention it first. If you like animals, horses especially you need to visit them. This is a kid-friendly place so if you are coming here with kids, bring them along.

A group of horses as seeing them is one of the exciting summer activities in Ridgecrest
They are a big attraction.

For the ones that like to go out at night

After you are done with spring cleaning, you can focus on summer activities, right? Some folks like to socialize later on in the evening. After all, the weather in the desert is not to everyone’s liking. Thankfully, this city has access to a wide variety of exciting nightlife options. Check out the following locations that we have identified for you:

  • Vintage Havana Cigar Lounge
  • Triple T’s Tavern
  • Furry’s Sports Bar
  • Casa Corona

The parks in Ridgecrest

You picked a great place. In fact, Ridgecrest is one of the best places for young families in California according to our survey. This summer, take advantage of Ridgecrest’s many beautiful parks to enjoy the outdoors. Take some time to unwind, and maybe even enjoy a picnic with some friends. Residents, particularly children, like such beautiful parks, and they are utilized throughout the year. However, during the summer months, you and your friends can go there and have a picnic or simply hang out and relax. The majority of these parks offer designated areas for visitors who bring their canine companions. The best ones are Leroy Jackson Park, Freedom Park, and Pearson Park.

Landmarks can be fun to explore this summer

Whether you are about to move here with the help of experts from Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA or you are only passing through this quaint town, you should set aside at least some of your summer vacation time to explore the local landmarks and other points of interest. They can be found in large numbers. We will walk you through the ones that appear to be the most popular with tourists, and then you may use TripAdvisor to learn more about other options. If you are actually able to spare the time for it :

  • Maturango Museum
  • China Lake Museum Foundation
  • Rademacher Hills
  • Indian Wells Valley
  • Petroglyph Park

Mojave Desert

You absolutely must go to the Mojave Desert to experience one of the best summer activities in Ridgecrest. This desert is well-known for having the highest recorded temperature ( both atmospheric and surface) anywhere on the planet. If you enjoy being outside in the heat, then you could find this to be rather exciting. But, beware you can just stumble there. You need to be well prepared if you are planning to go to the Mojave Desert. Luckily there are jeep tours you can sign for and do this properly. We do not recommend going there alone.

A man riding a quad in the Mojave desert
This desert is a very popular destination.

Big and Little Petroglyph Canyons

If you think that exploring the Mojave desert is fun, then you’ll probably enjoy this as much as you do that. All you have to do is travel to the Mojave Desert, and you will come across two different landforms. The Big Petroglyph Canyon and the Little Petroglyph Canyon. Both of these canyons are filled with ancient petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are only one of the many beautiful things that can be found in this area. Some people refer to those petroglyphs as rock art. This work of art was made by Paleo Indians or Native Americans, depending on the piece probably. You will get access to over 20,000 images with accompanying documentation that you will be able to see with your own eyes. How cool is that? Just make sure to bring enough water.

Moving to Ridgecrest, CA

How do you like the activities in Ridgecrest we just showed you? Don’t worry, if you are more of a shopping and spa kind of person you will find a lot of great shops, malls and spas as well. But those are all easily accessible. You don’t need someone to point them out. All you need to do is go to Ridgecrest. But for the ones who are moving here we need to tell them how to do it without any additional hassle. We are talking about hiring professional moved of course. They can help you with every aspect of your relocation. Most people reach out to specialists at the very end. To help them with unpacking and settling in. For many, that is the hardest part but you will need to find local movers for this task.

A professional mover and a moving van.
Movers will be able to assist you.

More of the exciting summer activities in Ridgecrest

Before we leave, there is one more of the top summer activities in Ridgecrest we need to discuss, and that is the Xin Bowl Asian Bistro. Foodies are going to get a lot of satisfaction out of it. This restaurant is ideal for those who want a unique combination of Asian and Western flavors.
To ensure that each dish contains the maximum amount of nutrients, it is prepared with fresh, natural ingredients, and then cooked using methods that are considered to be healthy. On the menu, you’ll find a wide variety of Japanese foods, ranging from noodles and rice bowls to sushi and sashimi.

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