Eco friendly move-in cleaning tips

Sometimes, living an eco-conscious life can be very demanding. Not all people understand the significance of caring for nature. That kind of person will freely use chemicals that are harmful to nature without a second thought, and in rare cases, they will be proud of that. Thankfully, we are not those people. We care about the environment, and we do whatever is in our power to stop the decline of nature. However, it is not always easy to find eco-friendly cleaning products. Most stores sell harmful chemicals since all they care about is profit. But in the long term, those chemicals are very destructive to nature. People flush those chemicals like it is no one’s business. So, here are some eco-friendly move-in cleaning tips which all of us should use. Let’s begin!

Support eco-friendly moving companies

Most moving companies, lie most people, don’t particularly care about the cleanliness of the environment if it is not in their best interest. This is why it would be good to support companies that care about the environment. Finding an eco-friendly company is a rarity, and this is why you should support the ones that do care. There are a couple of them, but the best-known one is most definitely Whichever one you choose, know that you are doing a good deed. They may also give you some advice on how you can do an eco-friendly relocation.

Save your money and save the environment by making your cleaning products before you move

The best way to get your hands on eco-friendly cleaning products is to make your cleaning products. You should do this before you move. They have the advantage of being non-toxic to you, your pets, and the environment. They are easy to make since all you need is just a handful of ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients in homemade eco-friendly cleaning products are lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda.

One of the best move-in cleaning tips is to use lemon.
One of the best eco-friendly move-in cleaning tips is to use lemon juice in your homemade cleaning products.

Individually they are not particularly good as cleaning products, but when they are put together, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Also, you will be saving money by using them. So, if you want to settle in your new neighborhood in an eco-friendly manner, make your cleaning products and give them to your new neighbors.


Recycling is an important part of an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can use leftover boxes for example if you plan to move. Boxes are reusable. So, use and reuse as many things as you can, don’t just throw them away.

Dusting is very important

Poison on a shelf.
Many people use the strongest chemicals available just to remove a little bit of dust.

This is what gets on our nerves most when it comes to cleaning. Dust is so common that some people even give up cleaning the dust at all. Some people are even so mad at the dust that they’ll use the most powerful chemical cleaning products to just eradicate a little bit of dust. But if you want to save the environment, you should just dust the dust. Try using a damp microfiber cloth. That way you’ll only need some water, maybe a little bit of lemon juice, and you’ll get rid of the annoying dust. It is easy, simple, and cost-effective!

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