Cost-effective storage tips

Renting a storage unit is a great and helpful way to keep your belongings safe, be it long or short term. However, it adds to your monthly expenses. So, it’s important to ensure that the cost is both affordable and justified. And to achieve this you’ll need these cost-effective storage tips.

Store only useful and usable items

Just like you need to learn how to prepare for the move, you also need to know how to prepare for storing items. Do you want to waste money and rent a large storage unit to put all the items inside? Well, probably not. So, make sure you do a little inventory before putting everything into your unit. Look at your belongings and see which ones you didn’t use in a long time. Find out do you need them at all. If the answer is negative, get rid of them. Consider selling, donating, or throwing them away. Keep in mind that the less stuff you store, the smaller storage space you need. And therefore, the cheaper it will be.

Money Hands - Cost-effective storage tips
There are many money-saving tips you can use when renting a storage unit.

Know the size of the unit and its purpose

When you finish sorting and deciding what will go into storage, select the size of your unit. You need not too big, not too small, but just the right size. So, you need to know how to determine the size of storage unit for your needs. There are various unit sizes, so do the math and pick the one that’s suitable for you.

If you’re renting a unit short-term because you’re moving or remodeling, opt for a month-to-month contract. This will give you the ability to give up on your unit when you don’t need it anymore. However, if you plan to rent long-term, choose a long-term contract and set up an automated payment method.

Cost-effective storage tips – Discounts and special offers 

Who doesn’t love discounts, right? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that storage facilities offer discounts. And the reason is simple, it attracts new customers. This industry is very competitive, so discounts are the best way to get new clients. And this is how you can save money when renting a storage unit. Also, besides discounts, you can find a deal where the first couple of months are for free or half price. So, make sure you do some research and shop for the best offer.  

Share a unit

A great cost-effective storage tip is sharing the storage unit. More spacious units usually cost less per square foot, so you can save some money. Just make sure you’re using searching for moving companies online- tips and tricks that offer storage services where you can share a unit. Also, be sure you can trust the person with who you’re sharing a unit.

Storage Unit
One of the great cost-effective storage tips is sharing a unit with someone you can trust.


Cost-effective storage tips – Pack strategically

The better you arrange and utilize space, the more you can pack into a storage unit. So, make use of all the available space you have. You can achieve that by stacking correctly, using the vertical space, and possibly consider shelving. Packing strategically and space optimization is a money-saver when renting a storage unit.

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