Common misconceptions Californians have about Los Angeles

There’s no doubt Los Angeles is the most popular city on the West Coast. It’s pretty rare nowadays to find someone who hasn’t dreamed of visiting LA. Although, it’s good to mention that people have different views on what the city’s really like. People that have never been to LA, that is. Even Californians themselves have different opinions on the subject of their most iconic city. Los Angeles is home to the biggest movie industry in the world. A good portion of movies made by Hollywood’s big production companies happens to take place in LA. For most people – it’s a city located inside their imagination. What about fellow Californians? If you plan on moving to LA sometime soon, it’s good to know some common misconceptions Californians have about Los Angeles. You’ll find some of them in the text below. After reading this article, you’ll surely have a clearer view of Los Angeles and its residents.

Every person in the city is somehow linked to the entertainment industry

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though the way the city’s portrayed in the movies shows a different picture, LA is home to about 200k people employed in the entertainment industry. Now, if we were to say that’s about 1% of the city’s metro population, would you believe us? You should, because that’s the official statistics.

Los Angeles is no good for walking

Also false. It’s a myth being repeated by folks who’ve never lived in LA, and it survives to this day. Every article deconstructing the LA mythology has a section awarded to this common misconception. But, to be completely honest – LA certainly isn’t the city walker’s paradise. Anyway, there’s a lot of hiking trails in and around the city. LA residents are unlikely to miss out on them. Also, the city’s filled with a great number of outdoor stairs. It’s not much, but it’s enough for us to say the myth called “nobody walks in LA” is actually false. That’s good to know before moving to Los Angeles, California.

A view of the Santa Monica mountains.
Santa Monica Mountains are LA resident’s favorite place for hiking. People in LA are not confined to their motor vehicles.

It’s always sunny in LA

It’s not always sunny in Los Angeles. There’s really a small number of movies showing a rainy day in LA. For some, it probably never rains in LA. That’s also a common misconception about the city. Los Angeles has its fair share of cold and rainy days, make no doubt about it. It receives about 15 inches of rainfall each year. The winter in the city is both sunny and cloudy.

LA has no cultural history or history whatsoever

A city that was immortalized by writers such as Charles Bukowski or John Fante cannot be put down as being uncultured or ahistorical. Although the city itself is not that old, it has given so much in the last hundred years. It’s also one of the world’s capitals of performance art. Also, Hollywood movies aren’t always thrashy blockbusters. Remember the New Hollywood era? It gave us Martin Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovich and many other great directors. So, if someones tell you LA has no cultural history, be assured that the person doesn’t have a clue.

A typewriter on a table, with a Bukowski book on the left.
Charles Bukowski is perhaps the most iconic LA writer. Most of his novels concern life in Los Angeles.

Moving around or to LA is a tough call

One of the main delusions some Cali residents have about LA concerns moving around the town. Apparently, LA’s is pretty tough if you want to relocate to another part of the town. The same goes if you want to become a resident. This, also, cannot be further from the truth. With the right help, anything is possible. One thing they don’t tell you is that LA moving crews are pretty hard-boiled. They know how things are in their hometown. Hire the right moving crew and watch how things can go pretty smoothly concerning your relocation to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is an always smoggy, concrete jungle

False! Although the summer and fall periods are usually smoggy, the winter and spring are the seasons when the LA skyline is without smog. Also, beaches have so smog throughout the whole year. Another one of the misconceptions Californians have about Los Angeles is that LA is a concrete jungle with little green space. That is also untrue. Los Angeles offers its residents many green spaces and parks throughout the town. Ask local folks what they think about this one. They’ll surely tell you they don’t lack places to have a family picnic.

Local residents are unlikely to welcome newcomers

Most Californians living think LA locals are self-absorbed quasi-superstars. It’s a stereotype used all the time. The city metro area has a population of about 20 million people. Imagine if most of them were the way other fellow Californians see them. Nobody would want to live there. Local folks in LA are really chilled out and ready to welcome newcomers. If you’re on your way to becoming an LA resident check out Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, a quality service provider in the LA area. They’ll make sure you move in without much hassle. Also, you’ll have a chance to experience LA hospitality first-hand.

A moving crew loading the truck.
Los Angeles is a city well-known for its hard-boiled moving crews. They’ll make sure you move in without much hassle.

Public transport is bad and nobody uses it

With over 1 million boardings every day of the week, LA’s public transportation network should be taken pretty seriously. One of the most common misconceptions Californians have about Los Angeles is that local folks don’t even use it. Apparently, it’s so bad people prefer walking the hostile-to-pedestrians (also untrue) city streets. We’d recommend you take a tour of LA on a city bus. You’ll see what we’re talking about.

A quick goodbye

So, there you have it. These were the common misconceptions Californians have about Los Angeles. We’ve successfully debunked them all. Thank you for reading. Best of luck moving to LA, although you won’t need luck. Just find a good moving company. Trust us.

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