Choosing the right mover 101

Hiring the best mover you can trust is one of the most important things do to when moving. They will transport all your household items and maybe pack them (if you choose a full-service moving company). Choosing the right mover does not have to be hard and impossible. The USA has thousands of companies, specialized in moving.

Tips for choosing the right mover for your next relocation

How to choose the right one, are there any tips that may help you? Is there a guide? Yes, it is! People are moving every day and most of them are hiring a moving company. No matter if you are moving a business or a house, or both. We know how, luckily for you. By following these steps below, you should have stress-free moving and how to choose the best mover in your area.

Loading boxes into a moving van.
Don’t move by yourself when you can hire a professional moving company to help you

Ask for recommendations

First, ask your friends who have moved recently, for recommendations. It is a safer option to hire a company when your friends hired them and he/she is satisfied. If their experience and feedbacks are positive, then there are great chances you will be satisfied too. Also, a real estate agent should know a couple of reliable movers in your area.

Look in the phone book, and search for local companies. Find a mover yourself and make sure to avoid moving scams. You will if you follow these steps. But, keep in mind, if the company is well-known, it does not have to be a good one for you and your needs.

Do research online

Besides word-to-mouth recommendations, search online – today it is the number one source of information. The internet will offer you hundreds of moving companies, this is why it is easy to get overwhelmed. But, it has plenty of good sides when choosing the right mover online.

You can read online moving reviews from the people who moved on many different websites and social media. There are many moving resources on social media, but learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews. For example, if they are too positive, or they are posted on the same day, there is something wrong going on. Also, you can get a free moving estimate online (on the company’s websites).

A confused man choosing the right mover.
Don’t panic when choosing a moving company. Pay attention to details and use all the resources

Check the insurance and license

Choose a couple of companies you may hire and check their license, they must move you legally. Also, a good mover will be insured properly, to protect your items and their company.

A company should offer you different types of moving insurance (different levels). Don’t relocate without insurance, because you never know what can happen to your household items. Some insurances don’t cover valuables, so you better move them by yourself.

A license may be checked easily with the company’s USDOT number. Check their background and see if they are a member of some organizations and if they have awards. It is a big plus and a good sign. Jackson’s Moving and Delivery is one of the reliable companies you should consider for your next relocation.

Ask for extra fees

The costs of moving are one of the biggest concerns for people, especially if they are moving long-distance. When talking with a company’s presenter, ask what is included in the price. If you are living on the second floor and there are a lot of stairs, that will cost more probably, so make sure to ask that. How much do you need to pay for packing, unpacking, moving boxes, and other moving materials? You don’t want to be surprised when paying the bill. You should know in advance how much to pay.

Do you need special services?

Are you moving a hot tub or a piano? Do you need packing and storage services too? You must mention to a moving company that you need some special moving or packing services because some companies won’t move a piano or they do not have storage units to offer.

If they do offer special services, it is an additional cost for you. If you are moving a pet, you should hire a company specialized in pet moving. So, make sure you are familiar with all the costs and services to be prepared for the move and to prepare a moving budget.

2 professional packers.
You can choose a company to pack your household items, not only for transportation

Get an in-home moving estimate when choosing the right mover

With an in-home moving estimate, you will get an accurate moving price.

  • So, first, ask a couple of companies to come into your home and give you an in-home moving estimate (about 3 companies are enough). After that, you can compare their bids.
  • Before an estimator come, you should do a full background check about the company. Verify their name and address, check their license for doing business in moving, etc.
  • Show the estimator all the items you want to move.
  • Pay attention because the estimator should take an inventory and write down even the smallest items you have to move. When choosing the right moving help, you should pay attention are workers are experienced and trained.
  • Review the estimate and check if everything is on the list.

Read a contract!

Before you sign a contract with a moving company, read it twice. Don’t sign a blank contract or unfinished contract (scammers often say to customers that they will fill the contract later). The last thing you want right now is to get stuck with a bad contract and a bad company. When choosing the right mover, they won’t hide anything from you, there will not be hidden fees or confusing contracts.

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