Chicago Family’s Guide to Moving to Philly

Relocation across the country can be very exciting! To avoid stressing it’s very important to be organized and efficient. Often, people tend to get overwhelmed with the thought of moving from point A to point B, however, as long as you are well prepared early on the process becomes much simpler. Moving from leaving Chicago and moving to Philly is a big step, therefore ensuring that it runs smoothly and successfully is essential. The more time you invest in planning and setting everything up, the easier everything is and the less you stress overall. Throughout the rest of the text, we are going to discuss the importance of a moving plan all the while sharing a few tips on making this move as efficient as possible. 

Moving Organization

Whether you are moving within the same area, or are moving to Philly from Chicago, it is crucial to have a moving plan in motion. Why is that? Well, a solid and well-structured moving plan equips you with beneficial guidelines and keeps you organized throughout. In addition, when moving with a family and relocating all the way from Chicago to Philly, it can get quite hectic. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and all over the place, consider putting together a timeline while you structure your plan. This way you can successfully manage everything from start to finish while having enough time to plan, prepare and pack!

A laptop and a notebook to write down the key points of moving to Philly
Having a moving plan simplifies the process of relocating in general! It keeps you organized and within the moving timeline.

Moving Companies

As you construct your moving plan and consider all important aspects of your relocation, it’s important that you consider potentially hiring a professional team of movers to help you with moving to Philly. Chicago to Philly is quite a distance, therefore why stress about moving and transporting all your belongings there, when you can pass that responsibility to Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia. Having a team of movers assist you with the relocation will definitely simplify the process all the while helping you stress less! 


One of the most stressful stages of moving tends to be packing! It is a very repetitive process, and it can often grow to be too overwhelming, especially if left for the last minute. As we mentioned above, leaving Chicago and moving to Philly is a bit of a distance and a big change. Contemplating what belongings are coming with you and what you plan to pack should be something that is done at the very beginning of the process. For example, it would be a good idea to make an inventory list of what is coming with you to your new home in Philly. This way you will have a better idea and a vision of what you are bringing.

Some items packed in a cardboard box and ready for moving to Philly
Packing is a repetitive process! Breaking it into multiple stages will ease the stress it.

We also suggest that you go room by room and that you first gather all the important and necessary supplies that will make packing easier. From boxes to wrapping supplies and tape, ensure to have it all prior to starting to pack. Always label your boxes as well! This will make it simpler for you to sort through later when you unpack, but it will also make it clearer for the movers when they start carrying the boxes.

Meanwhile, there are also plenty of storage services within Philly that you can take advantage of. There are a variety of options to fit your needs, in case you realize you brought too many items. Overall, having a storage space is always beneficial, Therefore consider all your options ahead of time. 

Chicago Family

Moving as a family requires organization and planning ahead. As you plan and prepare for your move months ahead, consider aspects such as work and job opportunities, in addition to the schools. Securing a job before moving to Philly can make settling in that much easier. On the other hand, if you are moving with children, it is a good idea to research schools within the area in order to be able to make an informed decision. Finding the right job for yourself, or the right school for your child takes time, therefore ensure to start all of this early on.

Settling In

Any type of relocation represents a bit of a change. Sometimes, settling in might take time. It’s good to know that there are many options as well! For example, there are many trained crews to help you settle in after moving to Philly. From helping you unpack to helping you get better familiar with the new surroundings, do the research ahead of time so that you know what options you have. It is also okay to take your time settling in! No need to rush and overwhelm yourself, especially after such a big and distant move from Chicago. As long as you maintain organization and stick to your plan, eventually, you’ll be able to get your new home ready. 

Moving to Philly should be exciting! Do you research and prepare ahead so that settling in is simpler.

Moving Guide

What’s the ultimate moving guide? As you can see, it all comes down to thinking ahead. By thinking ahead you are able to plan, organize and prepare early on. This allows you to have a visual of the upcoming process, therefore helping you stress less. Leaving Chicago with your family and moving to Philly doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Therefore, as long as you put together a moving plan early on, everything else will gradually fall into place as long as you maintain a good level of organization and efficiency.

In addition, research is just as essential. From looking up your options for packing, moving companies, and unpacking, you can also do research on Philly and figure out elements such as good school and job opportunities. Overall, stay focused, have a good moving timeline, and have fun with moving!

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