Changing your address after a big move: the ultimate checklist

Moving seems to be a never-ending list of things to do. It is a hectic and stressful time when you are trying to control a very dynamic process At this time good organization is crucial to avoid missing important things. At this time you should also consider preparing and executing some changes that will be of help after you move. One of those things is changing your address. Notifying everyone of your address change is important so how to go about it?

Notifications before you move

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the people you have to notify of the change. It however important to make certain notifications beforehand. It should be considered as a part of your moving preparation.

Pyle of addressed letters delivered after changing your address
Make sure you notify the post office and change the forwarding address
  • Notify the post office
  • Employer
  • Utility providers

Post office

The first institution you have to notify of the address change is the US post office. Make sure you give them your forwarding address. In this way, you won’t be at risk of losing your mail during this transition


Also, make sure to notify your company of the change. Paychecks, employment records, and tax documents have to find you at your new address to avoid any confusion.

Utility providers

A smooth transition requires you to notify your utility providers. First, you have to notify them of the changes so they can reconnect their services at your new location. This will help you while unpacking and settling in. It better to have all of the comforts of the home straight away instead of waiting for them

Power outlet
Notify your utility providers about changing your address

After the move

After you have moved in and you have all of the comforts of home you must make other notifications to secondary providers. To avoid missing a step in changing your address, try following a detailed guide.

Government and public offices have to be notified so they can communicate with you without issues. Vehicle registration, income tax, social security, and other services have to make direct communication with you.

Financial institutions also have to be notified of your address change. Notify your bank and other credit institutions. Update your credit cards, Pay Pal, pension plan, tax consultant and the accountant

Other institutions and providers also have to get your address updated. Children’s schools, churches, attorneys, daycare, and the hospital and doctors have to know of your changed address.

A few last tips

You should update your address after the move at any other service provider. First of all, notify any form of insurance you may have. Notify your dentist’s office, health institution, life insurance company, homeowners insurance, etc.

A man watching Netflix on tv.
Update your subscriptions and inform them of your address change

If you receive any form of subscriptions and memberships also notify them about your changing address. For example, update your Netflix or HBO accounts, online delivery systems, newspapers, and magazines.

Changing your address after a big move is more important than you might think. Follow this checklist and research more for additional advice from other sourcesYou must understand that updating your contact data will help you transition smoothly into your new place. Your service providers will be able to provide you with the level of service you are accustomed to. So, make sure you notify everyone. Do not make mistakes and get yourself reconnected as soon as you move.

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