Californian’s guide to Memphis

So, is it true you’re planning an interstate move? You’ve found a great job opportunity in Memphis, TN? Or you’ve just had enough of California and you’re on the lookout for a new place to call home? If to one of these questions your answer is a definite YES you’re reading the right article. Also, if you’re a true music lover… Well, there’s no need to finish that sentence. Everybody knows Memphis is the place. Although leaving California could leave some marks on your soul, don’t worry so much about it. Here’s your quick guide to Memphis, Tennessee – the real birthplace of rock’n’roll, as many would say.

Some facts about Memphis – things you should know before moving

Memphis is the second-largest city in Tennessee. You probably know this one but it was named after the famous ancient Egyptian town. Elvis Presley lived and died here. His music gave the background to one of the most interesting times in US history. Sadly, those times were not so gentle to its main protagonists. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis and on that very spot now stands the National Civil Rights Museum. Every corner of the city is crowded with history lessons. Memphis is also known for its fantastic food scene, so make sure you don’t miss out on it. The vibe of the town owes much to the rich history of its residents. You’ll enjoy its magic as much as everyone before you.

Graffiti on the wall representing the battle for civil rights
Memphis is home to the National Civil Rights Museum

Moving to Memphis is easy with the right crowd

Interstate moving can be pretty stressful, most people that have gone through the process say so. You’re not sure how will you make this happen? That’s nothing to worry about. You, of course, need the right crew to help you get settled. Once that happens you probably won’t think of moving for quite some time. Well, in any case, Memphis is known for its array of quality moving providers. If you want the best service available in the area contact Spyder Moving, local movers that will guarantee you have a safe transition.

The cost of living in Memphis is well below the national average

Since you’re moving to Memphis from California, the first thing you’ll notice are the prices. Whilst the average cost of living in California is high above the national average, Memphis is under it. One might think that the city is somehow not so much involved in the US economy. That would be far from the truth. Memphis is the biggest transportation hub along the Mississippi River. Also, the city’s airport is the second-largest cargo airport in the world. Now, that’s something. Memphis is also home to big players such as FedEx or City Gear.

Intercity moving is also a piece of cake under the right circumstances

Now, let’s say you have settled in Memphis. After a while, you’re thinking of moving to another apartment or a house. You’ve made the decision, but still – you don’t wanna go through the process of moving yet again. You’re considering different options. If only your stuff would magically move itself to your new apartment. Of course, that’s not an option, unfortunately. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it – specialized teams can help you move your things wherever you’d want them. There’s no way you’ll regret it.

Family in the process of moving
Make your move the smoothest way available – ensure your family gets a stress-free relocation

Packing services are among the best in the country

Every now and then your home deserves a fresh new look. During the process of your desired renovation, you need to make sure nothing gets damaged. Is it right to assume you don’t want any paint sprayed over your new kitchen table? Guess it is. So, what you need to do is to carefully pack your stuff and move them to a safe location while you’re renovating. You can, of course, do it yourself or you can easily find assistance for this in the larger Memphis area. Basically, the whole state is packed with premium providers offering packing services. No pun intended.

Fun things to do in Memphis

California might be the epicenter of fun in the United States. Well, it’s a state synonymous with fun. Rare are those that will try to dispute the stated fact. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean Memphis is short on fun to-go places. Every state has its own charm, and Tennessee surely ain’t lacking any. And, as we’ve mentioned in the first paragraph, if you’re a music lover looking forward to seeing some history – this is the place for you. For starters – you should visit Graceland, Presley’s private heaven. According to TripAdvisor, it is the number one thing to check out in Memphis. After Graceland, the next one on the list is, of course, the famous Sun Studio, where, as most of you know, it all started. Eighteen-year-old Elvis recorded his first song in the building. The rest is history. Not everything fun in Memphis has something to do with Elvis. It would be a shame if didn’t mention the Memphis Zoo, sometimes called the hippo capital of the world. Take your kids with you and find out where it got its reputation.

A family of hippos
Memphis Zoo was once dubbed the hippo capital of the world

Californian’s guide to Memphis –  a summary

Moving from California to Tennessee may seem like it can cause you quite a culture shock. That is not so wrong to assume, but still – it’s far from the truth. Memphis was once the epicenter of the music world, and to a certain degree, it still is. It is quieter than your average California big town. It has a fantastic moving providers scene. That alone means a lot to newcomers. You’re starting fresh somewhere and you need a great team to back you up. Especially when considering the fact we are in the middle of the covid19 outbreak. With all that said, and there are, as always, probably some things left unsaid, this article is nearing its end. Hopefully, this guide to Memphis has been of some help to you. Have a safe transition!

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