Californian retirees’ favorite US towns

There comes a time in every person’s life when things go into a sort of a slow mode. When that time comes most people will likely choose a home outside of the big city mess. Of course, we’re talking about retirement. Now, when the working days are over – people tend to enjoy life more than ever. They try to grasp every moment to the fullest. Even if we still haven’t had a chance to experience retirement we can pretty much imagine what can it feel like. So, it’s no wonder most Californian retirees’ are choosing quiet US towns as their new homes. It’s only natural, right? Of course, it is – even young people nowadays are running away from big-city crowds and noises. In the article below we’ll show you some of Californian retirees’ favorite US towns. Even if you still have a long way to go until retirement – you’ll surely enjoy these. Stay tuned.

Carefree, Arizona

Wow. With a name like that Carefree, Arizona already caught your attention. You can expect nothing less than its name promises. So, here it’s perfectly fine to judge a book by its cover (or title, in this case). The town is clean and small, and a great place where you’d wanna spend the rest of your days in peace and quiet. With a population of around 4k residents, it has beautiful natural landscapes surrounding it. Californians like it because it’s pretty close to their old homes, and the lush nature around it reminds them of their home state. Here’s a cool fact: cases of Cali nostalgia are rare in Carefree, Arizona.

A small town in Arizona. One of the Californian retirees' favorite US towns.
Small towns in Arizona are a hit among California seniors. With some authentic imagery, they’ll surely attract even the younger folks.

Parole, Maryland

The name of this town is also very interesting – but let’s not get into that. We can just say its name goes way back to the American Civil War. It’s, of course, a small town with a population of fewer than 20k residents. It’s pretty close to some bigger cities in the area like Baltimore or Annapolis, but also far enough so it doesn’t lose its small-town vibe. Looks like former Californian residents don’t mind the coast-to-coast transition. It should come as no surprise – East Coast is well-known as the quieter one.

York, Maine

We’re still gliding along the East Coast. This time we’ve moved a bit North, to Maine. York is a cute little town settled on the coast, with a picturesque lighthouse as one of its main attractions. It’s a perfect place to spend your retirement days and Californians know this for a fact.

The area around York is quite renowned for its moving service providers. If you’re having some trouble moving in, or you’re just in need of some helping hands – you can rely on skilled teams nearby ready to help you as soon as you contact them. Moving around Maine was never easier, and you deserve the best option there is.

The famous York, Maine lighthouse.
The lighthouse in York, Maine is one of the main attractions the city has to offer. The city of York is a beautiful place to spend the rest of your life in peace and quiet.

Windy Hills, Kentucky

Let’s move a bit into the mainland USA. The city of Windy Hills, Kentucky is a dream come true for many Californian retirees. It has a pretty small population, with less than 3k residents. It’s a great place to start your golden age and enjoy the rest of your days. If you’re a history buff you’ll be thrilled to know that Windy Hills has been called The City of Historic Homes. Also, it has a three-and-a-half-mile paved loop for walking enthusiasts and great community events spanning the whole year. It’s without a doubt one of Californian retirees’ favorite US towns.

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Here we are again in Maine. It seems ex-Californians just can’t get enough of the area. Located north of the state’s largest town – Portlands, Boothbay Harbor is a beautiful coastal town with around 2k residents. It was dubbed The Boating Capital of New England. If you’re a boating lover this fact will certainly be of great interest to you. Enjoy some amazing sunsets starting at the horizon. And, of course, since you’re in Maine you can count on excellent moving services. Feel free to visit and check out what they have to offer. Expect nothing but the best.

A gray seal in the water.
If you decide that Boothbay Harbor should be your new home this guy will be your shady neighbor.

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Who’s a seafood lover here? If you’ve found yourself in the last sentence Murrells Inlet is a dream come true. Murrells Inlet is called the seafood capital of South Carolina. It’s pretty safe to assume ex-Californians can’t leave the coast. It’s their thing, who could’ve guessed, right? Myrtle Beach is 10 miles away and Huntington Beach State Park is even closer. If you’re ever in the city be sure not to miss out on Marsh Walk. Earlier in history, Murrells Inlet was a fishing village so expect some of that history before your eyes.

A quick recap

That’s about it. These were Californian retirees’ favorite US towns. Let’s go through the list again. We have two towns in Maine: York and Boothbay Harbor. Both are renowned for amazing coastal scenery and quality moving teams. We’ve had a city with such a cute name: Carefree, Arizona. It’s a neat little town with a name that gets across. It’s just perfect for seniors. Of course, places on the list are not reserved only for older folks – young people looking for peace and quiet are also welcome. We’ve also had Parole, Maryland – a little town with a silly name dating back to the American Civil War. For seafood lovers, there was Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, a historic fishing village with a wide offer of quality seafood restaurants. And don’t you forget Windy Hills, Kentucky, a nice little town in mainland USA.

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