California students moving to NYC: what to expect

California students moving to NYC don’t regret doing it. This will be the most exciting period of your life. You will need to plan your move ahead for a few reasons. For example your money, activities, and time. So your life will not be hectic like New York city sometimes can be. Budget is a top priority so you will live the life you can afford in NYC. You will make it on your own and by doing that you will teach yourself a valuable lesson in life. Here are some things you need to expect while moving for college from California to New York City.

While California students moving to NYC

This is a big step for anybody that’s why you will need to reach out to specialized crews for help. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of time and stress about moving your belongings. You can think about other things you need to do while relocating for college.

Building where California students are moving to from NYC
In this apartment, you will make some of the best memories in your life.

And focus more on that and saying goodbye to your family and friends, also what you want to take with you to New York and what will stay behind.

Choose where will you live

The meaning will you choose to live in an apartment or dorm. Of course, both have pros and cons. If you have the means and chose an apartment, offers valuable resources that can help you get settled in your new home. It’s where you will make many memories. The apartment of course will give you more privacy but you will have to worry about paying rent and other necessities.

While if you choose to live in a dorm you will not have to worry about that, and all your college friends will be close to you. On the other hand, it would be good to research the neighborhood and make the decision where you want to relocate. To all California students moving to NYC, it matters how far the college is from, and how high are the apartment expenses. Also, think about your lifestyle while making the decision.

New york city sometimes can get expensive

No matter if you live in a dorm or apartment life can get a little expensive sometimes. So don’t forget to make a monthly budget. This way you will not spend without a limit and will be more careful what you really need in life.

Hand holding money
New York City can sometimes be expensive so be careful with your money and make a budget.

It would be best to make two different sides of a budget. One will be for rent, food and other basic necessities in life, and the other half for going out and things you want which will change from month to month. Find out in advance if NYC is the right city for you to call home.¬†This is where the side job would be good for some extra money, also if you are lucky and get a job in your department of studies. You will get some experience just like other California students moving to NYC and it will look good on your resume. But don’t forget to manage time well so it doesn’t clash with your college.

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