California family’s tutorial on must-visit NYC neighborhoods

California family’s tutorial on must-visit NYC neighborhoods is something you should have by your side when preparing for this adventure. It will help you a lot when getting ready for a journey and learning more about the city itself. Without a doubt, the travel will be handy even you decide to leave the Golden State and become a New York City resident.

So, how to handle trips to must-visit NYC neighborhoods with your kids?

The first thing you should know about traveling to NYC with your family is to learn how to organize the time you are planning to spend here. Now, this is something that depends on many factors. Some of them are the budget, your kids’ age, and preferences to visit. However, New York City is an outstanding area, it is complex, and you will need a plan for touring. Also, if you get to know the city well and decide to move here from CA, you might want to have a guide to America’s Global Cities with you just in case. It will help you overcome some challenges that big places like NYC have. 

When you plan the tour, it is time to prepare your family as well. So, book a flight, pack your bags, and make sure to check out some of these neighborhoods below while you are the Big Apple!

Family in NYC - Use a California family's tutorial on must-visit NYC neighborhoods when coming to this place.
New York City has lots of neighborhoods and many secret gems that are worthy of exploring!

Baychester, the Bronx

The first location on this California family’s tutorial on must-visit NYC neighborhoods is for sure Baychester in the Bronx. It is well-positioned, it has easy access to Manhattan, and it is great for families. Baychester has lots of character and style to offer. When it comes to housing, you will have numerous options to choose from for an affordable price, of course. Anyway, Baychester is also home to many ex-pats, it is a diverse and safe neighborhood.

So, if you find these facts about Baychester interesting, well, you should work on your movement. For this project, you can use someone like Heart Moving, NYC to relocate your belongings and to help you settle in your new home here. Without a doubt, your life in this part of the Bronx will bring you a completely different experience than in California.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is also one this tutorial on must-visit NYC neighborhoods

This location in Brooklyn will offer you a wide range of different activities. Your kids will have fun playing and spending time in many amazing schools. Apart from that, Williamsburg is filled with artists and ex-pats. And even though it has a hipster culture presented, this neighborhood in Brooklyn is also a family-friendly environment. So, if you are planning to visit NYC, there are plenty of reasons why this influential hub of art, music, and fashion should be on your list. 

In case you think it has the potential for you to become a resident, well, you might want to think about leaving California. In that case, just learn when the best time to organize your move is so you can prepare for your new life in NYC.

Central Park, NYC.
Now when you are here, grab the gear, and get ready for exploring!

Upper East Side, Manhattan

The next location that is worthy of your attention is for sure Upper East Side. This part of Manhattan is quite amazing for raising a family. It is also an upscale neighborhood filled with luxury residences, cultural institutions, and beautiful environments. Apart from that, you will also find prestigious schools, numerous shopping stores, and have fun just enjoying the atmosphere. Another thing that makes the Upper East Side alluring is the fact that it is more relaxed than other areas in Manhattan. Life here will seem slower, and that is exactly why it is so special for raising a family.

So, if you are searching for a perfect place for living in Manhattan, Upper East Side is a great choice to do so. That’s why when these trips to New York City change your mind, well, you should think about leaving California and coming here. Learn how to find a home, so the local professionals can assist you with anything you need for settling in. The movers from Upper East Side will help you move in, while you can focus on your family and preparing other things that starting your life in this part of Manhattan with family requires.

Astoria in the Queens is one more must-visit NYC neighborhoods

Why should you visit Astoria:

  • The fantastic art scene is something that makes Astoria so attractive for visiting.
  • The food, interesting bars, and lots of shops are the destinations that will draw you to spend your time.
  • As for your kids, they will enjoy outstanding parks.

If you find these things excited about Astoria, it is time for packing bags and leaving CA. Well, considering you will come from the Golden State, you might need sustainable packing materials for your belongings. So, learn how to find a suitable place to be your home, and your adventure in this part of Queens will begin!

Little Italy, Manhattan.
Little Italy is also one of the locations that are on California family’s tutorial on must-visit NYC neighborhoods!

Little Italy, Manhattan

Things that make Little Italy special for residents and tourists:

  • This part of Manhattan will offer you a unique experience when it comes to many things.
  • In California, you don’t have such a romantic atmosphere on the streets.
  • Little Italy is in an outstanding location for everyone who wants to enjoy socializing with others and who wants to be close to amenities like restaurants, bars, shops, etc.
  • Apart from those interesting things that will keep you occupated, this place has something to offer to kids as well. It is home to numerous parks and above-average schools.
  • Also, Little Italy is quite a safe neighborhood in Manhattan. So, if you are considering moving to NYC with your family from CA, you won’t make a mistake starting your life here.

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