Brooklyn neighborhoods where Californians feel at home

Are you considering moving out of California? It is a big step, especially when moving cross country. Moving from one coast to another is challenging and one of the first steps is to choose the right location for you. A place where you will feel relaxed. If you are moving to New York City, you already know that it has 5 boroughs and Brooklyn is one of them. Are there Brooklyn neighborhoods where Californians feel at home and how to find the right place for you as a Californian?

How well do you know Brooklyn?

Brooklyn has a population of almost 2.6 million people. It is located near Manhattan, but on the other hand, it is cheaper. In the last few years, Brooklyn is becoming a more and more popular place because a lot of companies are moving here, schools are great, it has plenty of parks, and the crime rate is lower. This means, it is a good place for families with kids, young professionals, millennials, and retirees – it has something for everyone. When moving from CA to Brooklyn, explore it first. See what this city in New York has to offer you and shy should you move there in the first place.

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Moving cross country is not simple, but you can organize it in advance

Why people are leaving California?

What are the reasons for moving out of CA? It has a lot of amazing cities, the weather is nice, and the beaches are beautiful. If you are thinking about relocation and starting a new life somewhere else, be sure about your decision. Here are some of the reasons why people are leaving California.

  • Job offer is the main reason. When people get a job opportunity in another state with a higher salary and better position, they often accept it.
  • Moving in with a partner after a long-distance relationship. Being far away from each other is not good for any relationship or marriage.
  • The costs of living in California are not the most affordable in the country.
  • State taxes are rising.
  • Unfortunately, wildfires are common in California and people are sometimes moving because of it.
  • Political problems.

The costs of living in Brooklyn are not affordable, as well. Especially when it comes to housing costs. But, with a better job and salary, it may be easier. Also, you may find a smaller apartment which is a cheaper option.

If you are having concerns about your items, like if they will fit into your new apartment in Brooklyn, one of the options is to rent a storage unit, for example. Many people from NYC are renting storage to keep an apartment decluttered, clean, and open. If you need a storage unit when moving to Brooklyn, U. Santini Moving and Storage New York can help you move and store all your household belongings.

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If it is time to say goodbye to CA, choose the right Brooklyn neighborhoods where Californians feel at home

Pros of living in Brooklyn

On the other hand, why are people from California moving to Brooklyn? What this NYC borough has to offer and what are the benefits of living there? It is different from other parts of NYC.

  • It is a good place for families and young professionals.
  • Strong sense of community.
  • If you want to drive a car, in Brooklyn it is possible, and in Manhattan, it is not.
  • More affordable than Manhattan, but still near.
  • Brooklyn is vibrant and fun.
  • It has plenty of parks and open spaces.

To know Brooklyn better, you should visit the NYC area and spend some time there before making the final decision. It is different when you see things in person, don’t just read about it. Get your own experience, talk to locals, try new things and you will see if you can fit in or not.

Several Brooklyn neighborhoods where Californians feel at home and comfortable

Where you will move, depends on different factors. Single people, looking for fun and families with kids have different priorities when looking for a new home.


If you want to live near Manhattan, Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is another option. Here, you will have amazing views of skyscrapers and Brooklyn Bridge. Younger people love living in Dumbo because it is trendy and fun.

Park Slope

Park Slope is a neighborhood in Brooklyn great for families. Schools here are highly-rated, parks are beautiful, it is known for its culture and vitality, and people here are friendly and welcoming. If you are considering moving here, think about transportation and how to move items safely. Movers from Park Slope know this area well and as skilled neighbors can help you move in fast.

Dumbo, one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods where Californians feel at home.
Choose the best place in Brooklyn for your new home


Greenpoint is charming and one of the best places in Brooklyn for investing in real estate. Home prices are not that high yet, and people are using that situation to move there and invest. It is in the middle of Long Island City, Williamsburg, and Manhattan which is another advantage.

Sunset Park

Another place for families with kids from California is Sunset Park. You can settle in with expert assistance from this area and have a stressless relocation. On the other hand, it is not a boring neighborhood because it has a lot of bars and restaurants. Sunset Park is a diverse place because a lot of people are moving here. 


One of the most popular neighborhoods because it is close to Manhattan (it is connected to Manhattan through the L Lin). It is trendy, vibrant, and it has a lot of entertainment options. This place has a rich cultural and artistic heritage, and that is why people from CA are moving here.

A couple of last notes

It is not a secret that cities in California are different from Brooklyn. There will be items that Californians miss most when they move out of state such as hot weather and sunny days all year round, beautiful beaches where you can relax and swim whenever you want. But living in one of Brooklyn neighborhoods where Californians feel at home is possible and within your reach.

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