Best towns in Colorado for Californian nature lovers

Nature lover is an adventurer, people who are looking for a new experience, view, something that will knock them off their feet. It is no surprise that they are in the constant search for something extraordinary. Once your breathing stops when you see the magnificent landscape you will become addicted. You will start to look for those moments to happen again. You can find them in the mountains, valleys or in some towns and cities. If you are from beautiful and sunny California it is not easy to be surprised. California is famous for its diverse nature and it is a serious quest to find something more thrilling, yet if you want to live it is possible. You need to take a trip to the other side. There are towns in Colorado for Californian nature lovers and you need to visit them. 

The central state will blow your mind 

Best known as a central state, Colorado has some magnificent things to see if you are a nature lover. Its exquisite location makes it accessible so you can’t miss it if you are exploring the US. It is impossible not to notice its colorful landscapes. You can bump into beautiful forests, high mountains, mesas, rivers, spacious valleys, and breathtaking canyons. We don’t need to mention that each part of this state is a special scene and story for itself. In addition to vivid and diverse geography, you can enjoy the different climates. It is complex and affected by geographic characteristics. It varies and it can surprise you, just like in California. Colorado can take aback you with extreme weather if you decide to explore less populated parts. To meet all the beauties, you will need more. Moving is a great solution to achieve that. 

Colorado landscape
If you are a nature lover, your search is over

Towns for nature lovers 

It is obvious that Colorado is a perfect place if you want to experience something new and if you need to see something unexpectedly lovely. It is doable but you need to have a starting point, a place whose beauty will intrigue you and make you think about what else is on offer. Moving to Colorado is probably the best approach if you are a nature lover. In case you decide to do it, Homegrown Moving Company will be at your disposal. Packing, transporting, and moving in is a seriously time-consuming job. With the right moving company, you can enjoy your time exploring and they will do the hard part once you decide about your new town. There are several towns in Colorado for Californian nature lovers and it is essential to take into consideration: 

  • Aspen 
  • Evergreen 
  • Breckenridge 
  • Creede 

You can go wrong, whatever you choose. In addition, you can explore on your own by following your list of priorities. There are so many options in Colorado for Californian nature lovers. Be sure that you have found the right place and made the right decision before you call your movers.

House in the forest
See all the colors of the nature

Place in the mountains for true nature lovers 

Placed between the Rocky Mountains and Roaring Fork River, Aspen represents a popular retreat for celebrities. It is famous for a reason. Throughout its history, it has developed from a mining camp to the ideal place to live. It is popular among tourists and people tent to buy their second home here. Aspen is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and wilderness all around and it has a humid continental climate so it is no surprise that is among the most popular towns in Colorado for Californian nature lovers. If you want to explore the area or buy a house, have in mind that the price of real estate in Aspen is among the highest in the state but you can find affordable options outside the city limits. 

Evergreen is the right choice 

If your breathing stops when you meet nature, then you should pack your bags and plan your move to Evergreen. It is a town surrounded by threes of evergreen. The proximity of mountains makes it even more attractive for nature lovers. Denver is also nearby so you can have it all, nature and urban life just a few miles away. The second benefit is a supportive community which is very important when you decide about a new living place. When moving, you can reach out to skilled neighbors and you can be sure that you will move in with no trouble at all. After solving that, you can visit Evergreen Lake and enjoy other recreation areas. 

Cottage in the forest
The first thing you are going to see is a magnificent nature

Town in the Tenmile Range 

The Tenmile Range is an extension of the Rocky Mountains which means that Breckenridge can offer a beautiful landscape to see. Besides those, you can have some fun. Ski resorts are popular here during the winter but in summer there are many hiking trails to discover. You can mountain bike or you can spend your time boat fishing on the Blue River or on lake Dillon. The fun doesn’t end here. You can also entertain yourself by shopping, dining at the finest restaurants or you can visit some festivals. This town has numerous festivals and events happening during the year and if you want to see them it is the right time to organize your move. 

There is no night in Creede 

Last but not least interesting town in Colorado for Californian nature lovers is Creede. It is placed between the river and mountain and, as we saw previously, it is a great prerequisite for success. This could be a perfect place to own a ranch or have a farm because of the perfect conditions. This town has a lot to offer and it can be a perfect place to move with your family. 

There is no better feeling in the world than lungs full of fresh air, eyes full of all the colors of nature while the earth creaks under your feet and the wind ruffle your hair. Once you feel it, you will search for more. It is easy to find the same excitement if you visit towns in Colorado for Californian nature lovers. All you need to do is to open the map and point spot. 

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