Best places to live in Central California in 2020

Are you planning on moving to Central California anytime soon? Well, that is great news! And, one thing is for sure – you are not making a mistake. So, why is California such a great place to call home? For starters, it has the sixth-largest economy in the world, of course, if you imagine that it is a country, not a state. And, when the economy is good, that also means that there are plenty of job openings as well as great salaries. Moreover, both the education and health systems are top-notch and people living in Cali are really one of a kind. There is something for everybody here, whether you are a student, a couple, a family, a businessman, or even an adventurist. So, if you like what you read, start preparing for the move. Here are some of the best places to live in Central California.

1# Modesto

First on our list of some of the best places to live in California is the city of Modesto, located between Yosemite National Park and San Francisco. It is one of California’s bigger cities and has a population of approximately 804,000 people. Most people living in Modesto have jobs connected to farming, as agriculture is very developed here. However, before you call Mod Movers CA to help you relocate to Modesto, be sure to find a job first, as the unemployment rate is currently around 7%. When it comes to housing, be prepared to live in bigger houses. The median home price is around $290,000, but you will definitely get more for your money here. Moreover, Modesto, even a bigger city, is famous for its close-knit communities and has a suburban feel. Thus, it is perfect for families! 

Modesto - one of the best places to live in Central California
Modesto really is one of the best places to live in Central California, especially if you love that small-town feel.

2# Fresno

City number two on our list of best places to live in Central California is Fresno. It is located in the San Joaquin Valley. And, according to many, it is a perfect combination of rural and metropolitan. And, how come? Well, in the past, only farmers lived in Fresno, however, the city started to grow rapidly and it is now bustling metropolitan area. So, yes, on one side of the city, you will have farmhouses and their owners producing organic foods, and on the other side, you will have tall skyscrapers perfect for Millenials. However, what attracts people from all over California, and even wider, to move to Fresno, is its low cost of living combined with salaries slightly bigger than the national average. The job market is diverse too! Thus, if you planned on moving with your family, or alone anytime soon, consider Fresno!

3# Monterey

Monterey has been a popular getaway for people from all over California in the past couple of decades. Some people went there on a vacation, some on a workcation. And why? Well, Monterey has a perfect climate and some of the most mesmerizing landscapes you will ever see. What is more, it is located in the heart of California, thus traveling or commuting to any other part of the state is genuinely easy. This is why people started moving here. Most of them choose beach houses to move into, but there are plenty of other housing options too. However, you have to keep in mind that Monterey is mostly occupied with families, retirees or simply people who enjoy peace and quiet. Thus if you are one of them, trust us, Monterey is worth moving to, and it is definitely one of the best places to live in Central California.

A beach in Monterey, California.
In Monterey, you will be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches California has to offer.

4# Bakersfield

And, of course, you can not skip Bakersfield when you are looking into some of the best places to live in Central California. This city, just like Fresno, is located in San Joaquin Valley, right between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The job market here is booming, the unemployment rate is lower each year, schools are top-notch, and there is plenty to choose when it comes to housing. However, the reason why so many people decided to move here is the lower cost of living and cheaper housing options. Yes, here in Bakersfield, you will pay three times less for the same home you would find in Los Angeles or San Francisco. So, if you have to move somewhere with your entire family, consider Bakersfield. One thing is for sure, here, you will never be bored – the weather is amazing and there are plenty of outdoor opportunities to have fun.

Parents walking their child.
Bakersfield is an amazing place for families and those planning to start one.

5# Salinas

Last but definitely not least on our list of some of the best places to live in Central California is Salinas. A smaller town, with approximately 500,000 residents. And, just like those previously mentioned cities and towns, Salinas too prides itself in its farming. Thus, most of the jobs here are connected to agriculture. However, if you are lucky enough to find a job in your field here, or even relocate your own business, you will fall in love with Salinas. You will have access to the beach, plenty of parks and sightseeing spots and of course, tons of restaurants and coffee shops. People here are always very welcoming and friendly too! You will have no problems fitting in not adjusting to the lifestyle. Give it a try! Hopefully, you will find your dream home in some of these already mentioned best places to live in Central California. Good luck!

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