Best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN

Ones you decide to move to Memphis, TN, all you have to do now is to pick the right neighborhood. And that is something where a place like this takes extreme pride. Because of that, there are so many unique and different spots for you to explore here. That’s why to make the best decision you have to take your time to do good research. And as soon as you settled on moving to Memphis, you’ll need to determine whether you’re best suited for eclectic and unconventional Midtown, or the buttoned-up, suburban Cordova. So, stick around and learn something about these areas, because thanks to that, you will be able to choose one of the best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN.

Do good research

When you are about to pick one of the best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN, you must do good research. This is quite important to do because every part of this city has something different to offer. And before you learn how to prepare for the move, you have to set up the budget and your priorities. That’s why you have to collect the necessary data before you start your adventure in Tennessee.

Street in Memphis, TX.
Welcome to Memphis, TX!

Do your homework on time, and find out everything you can on the place you consider living in. Discover some interesting neighborhood facts that might even surprise the people who currently live in Memphis. Get some tips on where to find friendly people, great BBQ, and a sense of pride and community. Find your way to fell in love with this city. Explore its classic, and affordable homes, a great place to catch a jazz festival or how to get an art exhibit at Brooks Museum. Also, have this in mind – Whatever place you pick, one thing is for sure – in Memphis, you will never be bored.  

Memphis, TN

Before settling down in your new neighborhood, you must learn how to pick the right one. Now, this mission can be quite difficult, especially because Memphis has many great places for living. You see, this place is in the headlines far too often. One of the reasons why that happens is because this city is unique and it’s different from any other in Tennessee.

Even though Memphis might have a naughty side, but it also has some of the greatest neighborhoods that deserve special recognition. And since your job is to pick the best one, then you must look out for every option. Consider everything that you can think of. While doing it, have in mind that the median income levels and affordability-specifically with homes costs in each neighborhood are crucial for making the right decision. So, ones you set up your priorities, you will be able to find the neighborhood that fits your wants and needs. And now all you have to do next is to prepare for the big move.

Tennessee flag - As soon as you decide that moving to Tennessee is the right choice, all you have to do is to pick one of the best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN.
Let’s see what are some of those best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN you might want to consider moving to!

Some of the best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN

So, you already know that there are lots of things you have to consider when choosing one of the best places to live in Memphis, TN. But, also you must have in mind that even when you find what you were looking for, the adventure is just getting started. You still have to organize the relocation, find a way to perform an easy move to Tennessee with these tips, and get the right professional at your disposal. But, before you get on that, you can consider some of the neighborhoods in Memphis to be your new home.

  • Berclair-Highland Heights
  • Cordova-Appling
  • Eads-Fisherville
  • East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
  • Hickory Ridge-South Riverdale
  • Midtown
  • River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral
  • Raleigh
  • White Haven-Coro Lake
  • Windyke-Southwind

Eads-Fisherville is one of the best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN

When it comes to a place like Eads-Fisherville, you won’t have to learn how to speed up the moving process. Because when you move here, you can simply relax since you will have enough time to organize everything. You see, this neighborhood is an unincorporated community. And some of its areas are currently still unincorporated. It’s affordable for living, and it’s a great place for settling down. So, if you are considering moving here, then you won’t make a mistake.


A place worthy of knowing the importance of moving insurance when the time comes is this one. Downtown in Memphis. You see, this area is just a few blocks from the calm quiet of the Mississippi River, where you can find the hustle and bustle. Through the daytime, the neighborhood is filled with office workers, but at night it transforms into a lively entertainment district. And the best part of that is you can use it to have fun in restaurants and bars brimming with locals and tourists.

One you pick the right neighborhood, you also have to pick the right house!

The next on the list is Harbor Town

When it comes to Harbor Town, there are so many things you should have in mind. The very first one is the location. This one of the best neighborhoods in Memphis, TN is located on tiny Mud Island on the northern edge of Downtown. You see, this area is quite unique and there is no wonder why so many people want to move here. One of the major reasons why that is happening is because the Harbor Town is an eclectic collection of upscale townhomes and condos overlooking the Mississippi River. So, if you are looking for peace and quiet with a great view, then Harbor Town should be your choice!

After you find your perfect neighborhood in Memphis, TN

When you get the house of your dreams that find your budget and priorities, it’s time for the big move. This part is something you might want to take very seriously. Because if you want to have a stress-free and simple household relocation, then you need to know how to properly prepare. So, do your research and learn how to create a special moving guide and how to find the right specialist for the moving job. Because only thanks to that you be able to keep everything on the right track, and your move will be a lot easier. 

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