Best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville

Rockville is a city in Montgomery County, Maryland. About 67,000 people inhabit this town. The city is suitable for entrepreneurs because it is a part of the Technology Corridor located on Interstate 270. Because there are so many tech companies in the area, there are many investment options and new people to get in contact with. The most popular company in Rockville is the well-renowned game developer Bethesda. No matter if you are moving alone or with someone, you need to know the area so that you can choose a place to live. To help you with that, we have for you the best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville.

​Rockville has many neighborhoods fit for young entrepreneurs, we will be featuring these

  • Rose Hill Falls

  • Town Center

  • Twinbrook

​First on our list of the best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville is Rose Hill Falls quiet

Rose Hill Falls is a small community in Rockville. It is peaceful and perfect for someone looking to work on their plans. The neighborhood is family-friendly, so if you have a family, you won’t have to worry about them. However, if you do not have one, it is a great place to start one. So if you are thinking of starting a family in Rockville and want your move to be a hassle-free experience, hire a reliable moving company. The best option to have a safe relocation is to choose a moving company that knows the area and has a lot of experience.

The schools in Rose Hill Falls are:

  • Bayard Rustin (Elementary school)

  • Julius West Middle

  • Richard Montgomery High is another reason why Rose Hill Falls is one of the best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville looking to start a family.

If you ever want to go outside and enjoy the sun, this neighborhood got you covered. There are two parks in Rose Hill Falls, Monument Park, and Bullards Park. These two parks pretty much offer the same activities. You can play basketball, baseball. Or you are looking to relax – you can read on a bench or use one of the grills to have a nice BBQ.

In addition, Rose Hill Falls is very close to Interstate 270. Being close to 270 is notable because the 270 connects you with Washington and other cities, where you can go and network. You can go out to the harsh business world and then come back to your quiet home in Rose Hill Falls.

an image of white building, capitol hill Washington
Rose Hill Falls is close to the road that leads to Washington DC

​Second, on the list of the best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville is the Town Center

The center is the most exciting place of any city, the same applies to Rockville, MD. The center of the town is packed with different restaurants. The focal point is the square. In the summertime, the city organizes concerts there, and everybody comes to watch. When winter arrives, there is an ice-skating rink. You are also close to the metro. The Town Center is for someone who does not want to stay inside every day and wants some excitement when they finish work. You are not as close to the 270, but because of it, you get a lot more activities. So follow some pro packing tips and get yourself to Rockville, where you can flesh out your ideas.

people ice skating
Enjoy skating in the square

​Third, on our list of the best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville is Twinbrook

Twinbrook is larger than the previously mentioned neighborhoods, and because of it the neighborhood has more amenities. Twinbrook is the sweet spot between Rose Hill Falls and the Town Center. It is not as exciting as the Town Center but not as quiet as Rose Hill Falls. But what sets Twinbrook apart from these two is that the hosing is very affordable. In addition, in recent years, more people have been moving to Twinbrook, and the neighborhood has seen some growth. It has a metro, so it is easy to get around. There are great options if you want to eat out.

The rent is also cheap. There are nine schools in the area. The grocery stores are near so you can walk to them.

If you want to experience living in Twinbrook, can help you. Getting to your new home will be a breeze with these reputable movers who will provide you with any relocation service you need so that you can move without any problems.

​Quick moving tips for your Rockville relocation

When hiring movers, these are the things to remember:

  • Checking if they are well-liked with customers means reading the reviews.

  • Making sure that they have a moving license.

  • Movers can provide single services. You do not have to hire movers for your whole relocation to one of the Rockville neighborhoods. Get movers just for packing or transportation.

  • Read the moving contract before singing. You should read the moving contract because there are additional fees that moving companies do not tell you about.

  • If you have any valuable items, make sure to insure them. Talk with your moving company and to see if they provide insurance. However, if they do not, you should look for different movers.

a woman in blue dress in front of moving boxes
To move to one of best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville you need to pick reliable movers


These are our best neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs in Rockville. Rockville offers the best of both worlds. You can have the peace of a small town and the chances of the big city. This is because of its location. Rockville is close to Washington DC, which has in recent years become a technology center. In addition to all that, Rockville has been ranked multiple times as one of the best cities to live in America. When you finally arrive in your new home in Rockville, remember to do some deep cleaning. Good luck!

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