Best cities in the US for remote work

We can see the world changing in front of our eyes. More and more people are working from home, and not only because of the coronavirus pandemic. Remote work is a culture that is embraced by the cities all across the US. Stylish coworking spaces, fast Wi-Fi speeds, and affordable rent are a necessity and thing of utmost importance to many towns in the country. And remote work opportunities are expanding. So, we can expect to see more and more people opting for smaller towns with special offerings rather than for classic metropoles. We considered all the data we could possibly find, and gave our best to determine which are the best cities in the US for remote work. Here are the key takeaways.

  • Suburbs of big metropolises seem to be the best options
  • Interestingly, the fastest Wi-Fi speeds are in Minnesota
  • Ohio has the most affordable rent options
  • There are an average of 16 shared coworking spaces per capita in each of the cities we mention
  • Arizona wins overall as the best state for remote workers

Phoenix, AZ

It seems that the state of Arizona went all out when it comes to becoming the top choice for remote workers. So, there’s no wonder why Phoenix is at the top of our list. The is famous for its warm weather and it has a thriving tech scene that certainly helped the trend. Although installing AC definitely is one of the home improvements to make before moving into the house here, don’t let the heat scare you. There are many ways to take advantage of its amazing desert environment. Miles and miles of trails for hiking and biking are available and waiting for you.

There are many coworking spaces nearby so you don’t have to worry about having access to them. And if you’re moving here for a big place like Los Angeles or San Francisco are, know that Phoenix has a lot to offer also. Additionally, you’re just a couple hours away from both of those cities, so you can always pop back if you really want to.

Kid looking through binoculars.
Just the chance to explore the desert should be enough to proclaim Phoneix for one of the best cities in the US for remote work.

Columbus, OH

Since we already mentioned that Ohio is a state that has the most affordable rent options, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the cost of living here is also lower. To be precise, it’s 11% lower than the national average, which is not a thing to underestimate. The city has a ton of coworking space scattered around its iconic neighborhoods. Which is, in fact, one of the most interesting things about the city. Every neighborhood has something special to offer, so you’ll be entertained for months just walking through them.

There’s a lot of art and culture-related things to do after moving here also. You’ll be able to enjoy museums, art galleries, planetarium, and much more. It’s important to mention that Columbus loves the outdoors. There are more than 350 parks throughout the area so you won’t lack these activities either. All of these things make the Columbus one of the best cities in the US for remote work. And the only thing that is left is to make sure that you’re prepared for this new experience and you can start your journey.

Chicago, IL

The most populous city in Illinois maybe is an underdog on this list, but don’t think that it has nothing to give. First of all, there’s no shortage of any kind of living accommodation. And that is a big thing. Single-family home, temporary apartment, with incorporated office, or without it. You name it, Chicago has it.

Although it’s famous for its winter, this city has an amazing beach scene that not many people know about. Trust us, 26 miles of sand is more than enough to satisfy any beach lover. Meeting new people here is very easy as residents are generally friendly, so that’s another plus. And all the foodies among you will have a better time than they ever dreamed. What more do you need to hear? Learn how to pack for your Chicago move and get on it.

Chicago street.
Amazing culture and, unexpectedly, lots of beaches.

Denver, CO

The next on our list of the best cities in the US for remote work indeed has the highest percentage of remote employees in the United States. And all those people wouldn’t choose it without a reason. Thanks to our friends from we got in touch with a few residents and they told us that Denver is a perfect place to get work done.

It has amazing scenery and great physical activity opportunities. Additionally, the state ranks among the top 10 best states in the US. It records high scores for everything. Economy, education, and infrastructure are the state of the art, so there’s no wonder why so many skilled remote workers are choosing this place. 

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is known as a city that has the worst-ranked commutes in the country, so it may seem strange to mention it. However, if you think about it, you don’t have to commute anywhere if you’re working from home. So, it quickly jumps to one of the top spots.

Since there are many colleges and universities around town, it feels young. Warm weather all-year-round is only an added bonus. There are many cafes optimized for remote workers throughout the city so you don’t have to worry about working space. And when it comes to leisure activities, let’s say just you won’t have to store your golfing equipment for another minute. As there are more than 20 golf courts in close proximity to the city.

Atlanta at night.
If we take the commute out of the equation, Atlanta is the perfect place for life.

Dallas, TX

And the final city on our list is the city of Dallas. Many people saw the opportunity in no state income tax thing, so businesses started moving here and nowadays we have an amazing remote working community. The best thing about it is that all the benefits move onto workers. So, not only you’ll work from home but you’ll earn even more by doing it. It’s a win-win situation.

The Internet is faster than average, and the unique culture seems to always find a way to keep you hooked. We don’t even have to remind all of you foodies where the best barbeque is, right? It offers something to everyone, and that’s why Dallas is one of the best cities in the US for remote work.

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