Best Chicago neighborhoods for expats

When moving to another country, it’s very challenging to find a good living place as soon as you arrive. In order to find what’s best for you, you need to live in a city for a while and get to know it’s good and bad sides. However, we wanted to help you choose the most suitable area of Chicago for you,  as quickly as possible. Here’s a list of the best Chicago neighborhoods for expats – all the places you can enjoy your free time, but also have the opportunity to grow your career. Let’s get to know Chicago a little bit better, so you can relocate faster and easier.

Before moving to Chicago…

…it’s good to get to know the city a bit better. Whichever neighborhood you choose, there are certain facts you should be aware of when moving to the Windy City. Here are things you should know before moving here:

Chicago downtown
Chicago is very attractive to expats – but what’s the best area of the city to move to?
  • the weather is not that bad – the Windy City has a negative reputation when it comes to the weather. Even though this impression will depend on where you’re coming from, you should know that it’s not as brutal as many people say. It’s true that winters are cold, and the nickname “Windy City” has some truth to it – it’s not hard to ‘survive’ cold weather. Public transport is great, and everything is bearable with proper organization.
  • you can enjoy culture any time you want – if you’re a fan of art and history, you’re going to love Chicago. Museums, musicals, ballet shows – you can have some entertainment any time you want. However, the tickets are not that affordable, but as a resident, you can easily buy them on sale – just before the show.
  • you’re going to love pizza – pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the city. Even though there are many amazing food options and fancy restaurants, Chicago-style pizza dough is the favorite one.
  • you probably won’t need a car –  it’s true that Chicago has some pretty busy rush hours. Therefore, having a car is not a great option, especially when CTA provides you with a fast and easy commute.
A street in Chicago.
This is a lively city with a lot of entertainment options – perfect for enjoying your after-work free time.

Worried about the moving process?

Moving to a new city is sometimes challenging, especially if you haven’t visited the place too many times before the moving day. That’s why letting a pro help you out is almost necessary. Local moving companies like Golans Moving and Storage know everything about all the Chicago neighborhoods, which can make your move a lot faster and stress-free. So, having someone local help you out is very helpful when you’re new in the city.

a man walking in one of the Chicago neighborhoods for expats
Relocating to one of the Chicago neighborhoods for expats is quite easy – hire the right movers and stay organized.

What are the best Chicago neighborhoods for expats?

Here’s the list of some great Chicago neighborhoods for expats. If you haven’t lived here before, the list will help you narrow your search when looking for a home in Chicago.


One of the popular options among expats in Chicago is Lakeview. This area of the city attracts both young professionals and families, which makes it pretty universal. This lively neighborhood offers amazing nightlife, outdoor activities, cafes in lovely tree-lined streets, and an amazing location. Also, moving here means you will be closer tho the Wrigley Field – the information relevant for all sports lovers.

Logan Square

The reason why so many expats love this area of Chicago is the diversity – there are people of various nationalities and cultures living here. Also, the location has its benefits. It’s not in the city center, which results in lower rents and a more peaceful atmosphere. However, if your office is near downtown, Logan Square is well-connected with the other parts of the city, so commute will not be a problem.

Elmwood Park

Even though it’s not technically a neighborhood, it’s definitely a suburban area of Chicago you should consider. If you’re into a more peaceful environment, bigger houses, and more affordable housing, you should check this place out. Also, you’ll be able to move with ease within Elmwood Park with amazing local moving professionals. 


If you’re moving to Chicago with your family, Evanston should be one of your options. Since it is located near a university, families with kids choose to live here. Also, if you’d love to have a bigger home and a garden, check out this amazing Chicago neighborhood.

Bonus tip: If you happen to move into a smaller place and have some extra items that eat up space in your home, Chicago offers some amazing storage solutions. Taking storage is a great option for your belongings, as you don’t need to worry about their safety, but they also won’t bother you in your home. 

How to choose the best neighborhood

Our list of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for expats is only here to help you narrow your search. Chicago is the city of diverse neighborhoods, and sometimes it’s hard to pick the right one. Most of them are unique in culture, food options, etc. so it’s best to pick the one according to your own lifestyle. Also, as you’re moving here for work, you should consider the CTA lines as your commute option. Pick a place that will make it easy to reach your office, without wasting too much time in commute.

Also, you should know there is no perfect place – but you can make it perfect for your family. Every neighborhood has its pros and cons and you should be aware of that when you start your search. Making a list of priorities and deal-breakers will help a lot since you will know what exactly are you looking for. And once you pick your favorite, start looking for a perfect home according to the need of you and your family, to complete the Chicago experience.

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