Are Californians still moving to Texas in 2021?

California and Texas are some of the most popular states in the USA, and both of them have so much to offer. But. why many so many people prefer Texas more and what are the reasons for moving there? Are Californians still moving to Texas and if they do, what is the reason? What Texas has to offer to potential residents? 2021 was very chaotic because of the pandemic, but it did not stop people from making their dream come true.

If you planning a relocation here soon

If you think that it is time to leave California, Texas can be one of the good choices. But, before making the final call about moving, do your research and be fully prepared. Know what to expect after moving to Texas and of course, how to move to Texas from California successfully with ease.

Why are Californians still moving to Texas?

Texas is drawing more people, including Californians, especially back in 2020. Is that still the case in 2021? Yes. CA still has 10 million more residents, even tho Texas is a bigger state, but more and more people are moving here for good. Yes, there are some things Californians miss when they move out, but on the other hand, moving here will bring you new things. It is exciting to move to another state and try and see something you have not before.

A road with Californians still moving to Texas Houston
Everyone is welcome in Texas

Job opportunities

Texas offers many job opportunities in different industries. It is one of the main reasons why are Californians still moving to Texas. The oil and gas boom in Texas has drawn a lot of people, not only from California but also from all around the country. Also, jobs are highly paid which is a good sign. A strong economy will continue to attract people to try their luck right here in Texas.

Lower costs of living

Texas is way more affordable than California. Housing, transportation, utilities, groceries, everything is cheaper. Here you can afford almost everything and life is more relaxed because of that. If you want to save money, leaving California is one of the options. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego are some of the most expensive cities in the USA.

No state income taxes

The good thing about living in Texas is that this state has no income taxes and also, other taxes are lower than taxes in California. Also, you can get some tax benefits. Life in Texas is really more affordable, in every sense of the word.


The education system in CA is great, but Texas has amazing universities to offer too. If you are moving with kids to TX, don’t worry about their education because public schools are highly rated and the system is great. College students are also moving to some of the universities in Texas to get the best knowledge.

More housing options

You can live in a big family house with a pool, apartment or on a farm. Property is cheaper here in Texas. If you have a big family, you need more space in the house. You will be able to afford it here and to live your American dream. And also it is the home state of the best places for healthcare professionals.

A car with suitcases.
Pack your bags and start a new life in TX

Good for raising kids

Texas is family-friendly. It is safe, affordable, it has great schools, and many attractions for kids. Some places in Texas have high numbers of gay parents too. All families are welcome in Texas, and you can raise your kids in peace.

Best places in TX to move to

What places in Texas are the best to live in in 2021? Luckily for you, the options are almost endless, you can choose between different places. Small towns, big cities, rural areas, etc. Here are some of the places to consider as your future home after leaving California.

  • San Antonio – a big and booming city. It offers many attractions and a community rich in Spanish and Old West heritage. Move affordably with ease, make San Antonio your home, and start a new life here in this vibrant city.
  • Austin – one of the best cities in TX to move to, for sure. Many companies have headquarters here in Austin.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth – it offers suburban living, perfect for families with kids. If you want a small-town feel, this area is perfect for you.
  • Houston¬†– a hub of the oil and gas industries, that is Houston. The economy is getting stronger and stronger. On the other hand, it offers affordable housing.
Texas map.
Explore different places in one of the biggest states in the USA

How to move to Texas?

How to have a successful relocation to TX and how to organize long-distance relocation like a pro? Californians are still moving to Texas, but with help from professional moving companies. Get recommendations and search online. Reliable companies have an official website you can check such as Explore movers from Texas and choose one that fits you the best. Contact a few of them and compare their services and prices. Not all companies from Texas are the same. Hire a licensed and insured company and read online moving reviews from past clients just to be sure.

People ARE moving to Texas

You can also consider having green relocation in Texas. Be environment friendly Рit is not hard, and also, it can save you money too. Ask for help if you need any and organize your relocation on time. Are Californians still moving to Texas in 2021? Yes, and they will continue to move here next year too. More and more people are moving to Texas, not only Californians but also, people from NY, Florida, Washington, etc. This state is booming, especially when it comes to the economy. Many big companies are moving to Texas as well, not only residents. After visiting Texas, you may fall in love with this state. It has both, rural areas and big cities. You can live in a modern apartment or on a farm.

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