All you need to know about moving company home surveys

It’s time for you to relocate, and no matter if it’s going to be a long or short distance, you need to learn some things before the process started. One of those things, if you consider hiring a mover is to check info about the home survey. What do you need to know about moving company home surveys and how to prepare? Why do you need this service? This article will give you the answers.

Moving company home surveys – what is it?

A home survey is a process that provides you accurate moving costs for your upcoming move. For many people, the costs are one of the major concerns when moving. So, knowing the exact price reduces stress and helps you organize the move better. In the home survey process, the moving company sends a representative to your home, to do an estimate. That person has an electronic device that will calculate the weight and size of your belongings. Or, in some cases, a pen and paper. But, if you know how to prepare for the move, you can reduce the costs. An estimator also pays attention to special items for moving, like a hot tube or piano, and obstacles, like the stairs.

A list
The first thing you need to know about moving company home surveys is that the company’s representative will take the inventory off all your belongings.

All you need to know about moving company home surveys cost

Every reputable and reliable moving company will do a home survey for free. That is part of their business. If the company wants to charge you for this service, it’s recommendable to avoid them. Because that can be a scam. Also, if the movers you contact won’t do an in-home estimate, just the one over the phone or online, it is another red flag of a moving scam.

Pay attention during home surveys

If you pay attention to details during the home survey, you can find out a lot about the moving company. Here’s what to watch:

  • The show-up time – The company’s representative must show up on time. If he’s late more than 15-20 minutes it’s a red flag.
  • The representative – He needs to be polite and professional. Also, he should have all the answers about the company and explain to you the process of long-distance moving – how to prepare. 
  • Detailed estimate – He has to go in every room and take an inventory of items, even the smallest ones.
  • The estimate needs to include everything – The size and weight of your belongings, and the circumstances around. Like moving special items.
Mover - Find out what you need to know about moving company home surveys before you hire them
Hire a good moving company to help you relocate.

Search for moving company home surveys

In case you didn’t pick the movers yet, be fast and hire the one as soon as you find out you’re moving. After that, you’ll familiarize yourself with the thing you need to know about moving company home surveys. This service needs to be booked about 3 or 4 weeks before a final move day. But before you need to make sure you find the best company for your next relocation.

In conclusion

There are many things you need to know about moving company surveys. That’s an essential step for you to get accurate costs for the move. Contact the movers and schedule the estimate with the company’s representative. This will give you the information about moving, shipping, and packing items.

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