7 things Californians miss most when they move out of state

Ex-Californians are known throughout the country as pretty nostalgic folks. There are less than a few places that resemble Cali in other parts of the US, it’s only natural ex-Cali residents feel the need to go down memory lane. So, what do they really miss? The people? The atmosphere? The food? Alright, we can do this a few pages more, but we’ll try to be concise. In the article below we’ve counted down 7 things Californians miss most when they move out of state. We’ve tried to be as objective as we could. Melting all those memories inside seven pots was not an easy thing to do, but we’ve selected seven things ex-Cali are dreaming of on a rainy night.

The food

While preparing for this article, we’ve noticed most lists of things Californians miss consist out of food. Whether it’s a fish taco or a breakfast taco, or an A├žai Bowl, looks like Californians love to eat. That’s an undeniable fact. With so many fast food and health food joints, and some really great restaurants, California is a top destination for any food lover. Imagine a Mexican food aficionado cruising through California. When he reaches the end of his trip, he’ll surely notice he put on some nice weight.

Mexican tacos.
Looking through the internet’s nostalgia archives we’ve notices many ex-Californians mention food as a thing they miss the most.

The weather

Everyone knows it’s always sunny in California. Whether it’s a common misconception or not, wherever a person has moved from Cali, there’s a slim chance he/she will encounter better weather conditions. California sunshine is hard to forget, ex-Cali residents know this for a fact. Imagine you’ve moved to a place on the East Coast and the winter’s just around the corner. There’s a good chance you’ll immerse yourself in memories of beautiful Cali summers. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy different seasons. Cruel winters can also have their charm, although it’s sometimes really hard to realize.

Amazing natural scenery

Although most parts of the US have beautiful nature, California is abundant with great outdoor spaces. Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? You haven’t? That’s an awful shame. How about Nappa valley? You did? Yeah, now we’re talking. It’s easy to realize why Californians wouldn’t want to move anywhere else. Relocation is now always something that a person wishes for, it’s always a matter of circumstances. Anyway, rare are US states that have a more beautiful outdoor life. It’s no wonder nature is almost on all the lists concerning ex-Cali nostalgia.

Top-notch moving services

Californian moving crews are really the best ones you can find in the West. Ex-Californians miss the professionalism and care of Cali moving providers. If you’re reading this article as a soon-to-be ex-Cali resident, this info might come in handy. Contact a local moving crew and don’t worry about transfer of your belongings. Cali interstate movers know how to get your stuff safely to the desired destination. That’s how most people whose nostalgia we’re analyzing right now, left the state. Also, moving around the state was never easier, whichever part of Cali you choose as your new home.

A moving crew loading the truck.
Amazing moving providers are among 7 things Californians miss most when they move. Not many US states can brag about the fact they have top-notch movers.

The general vibe

One thing’s for sure about Cali – there isn’t such a place on this planet that resembles it. You can spot ex-Californians within a crowd pretty easily. They’re enthusiastic, they love life, and above all – they know how to have a good time, without hurting anyone. Now, you can find similar people outside of Cali, of course, but that’s where they’re most situated. So, when they’re all together in one place it can get pretty wild. If you’re partying with Californians, you know you’re partying with Californians. There are not many folks that can party that hard. Ex-Cali residents daily reminiscence about Cali nightlife and the general Cali vibe is proudly among the 7 things Californians miss most when they move.

The Ocean

Imagine you’ve moved from Cali to somewhere in mainland USA. Now you don’t have a chance to sit by the ocean and enjoy some reflective thoughts. That’s a shame. The feeling you’re standing on the edge of the world is something most Californians miss when they move to another part of the country. They remember great beach hangouts, many nights spent completely awake, talking by the fire, surfing, etc. There isn’t a better way to end the afternoon than watching a beach sunset with your loved ones. Romantic couples are a completely ordinary sight in California.

A couple enjoying the sunset on the beach. One of the 7 things Californians miss most when they move is certainly the Pacific Ocean.
Oh, boy. Ex-Cali residents miss scenes like this one a lot. You can bet on it.

The Diversity

In California – everyone feels at home, regardless of culture, age, race, gender, and other factors that can come up as really unnecessary motives for discrimination among people. Cali folks are open and ready to welcome everyone. That’s also one thing you can’t find in other parts of the US, except maybe NYC. Many cultures living together side by side, without much conflict, is something Cali residents are proud of. California’s cultural history is rich, and you’re able to see it just by walking down the street. Many people shun places like LA for allegedly having no cultural history, but that couldn’t be further than the truth. Also, the whole Western culture is affected by what happened in California in the sixties. If you’re planning a relocation somewhere in this culturally significant state, feel free to contact Best Cross Country Movers. They’ll make sure your moving around the state goes as smoothly as possible.

A quick recap

So, there you have it. These were the 7 things Californians miss most when they move. If you’re moving anytime soon to another part of the US, these are the things you’ll probably cry over. We’re just kidding, but it’s safe to say you’ll feel very nostalgic about them. Amazing food and culture, friendly people always ready to party by the ocean and lots of other probably very personal memories will occupy your thoughts during the process of your adaptation to the new surroundings.

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