6 things you won’t need after moving from Los Angeles to Seattle

If you are moving from Los Angeles to Seattle, you are about to start a new chapter in your life! No matter if you are organizing a last-minute relocation or not, you can expect that you will experience a lot of new benefits. However, in order to better adapt to the new environment, it is important to know which things you won’t need after moving from Los Angeles to Seattle. Keep in mind that there is a difference in the lifestyle. So, in order to better prepare for the new beginning, we will show you which things you do not need any longer as soon as you settle in Seattle.

Which things you won’t need after moving from Los Angeles to Seattle?

When you are planning to move to Seattle, you will not need/miss these things:

  • Summer clothes.
  • All tools and other equipment.
  • Home decor.
  • Gardening tools or plants.
  • Old furniture.
  • Beach equipment.

Now that you know 6 things that you will not need once you move to Seattle, check when the best time to organize a move is so you can prepare properly for the entire process.

Summer clothes

The first thing you won’t need after moving from Los Angeles to Seattle is definitely a lot of summer clothes. Speaking of temperature in Seattle, it is lower than in LA. If you choose wisely the belongings that you will need, you will also avoid some of the common packing mistakes and have your belongings organized. While Los Angeles may call for shorts, tank tops, and sundresses, Seattle’s climate necessitates a different approach. When moving to Seattle, pack hoodies, sweaters, and long shirts. But, since it is the summer season, it does not mean that you should get rid of all your summer clothes. Pack only the summer clothes that you will actually need during the season.

Summer clothes as one of the things you won't need after moving from Los Angeles to Seattle.
Do not pack all your summer clothes.

All tools and other equipment

When you pack your garage for a move, it’s essential to understand that many tools and equipment you currently own may not be as necessary. In other words, you may find that certain tools and equipment won’t be needed as much. For instance, specialized gardening equipment for arid climates may not be as useful in Seattle’s more temperate and rainy conditions. Still, it is important to bring some of the tools from your garage that you can use in Seattle. So, it is necessary to create a checklist and define the exact type and number of your tools. Keep in mind that you have to organize your packing process properly. You cannot pack tools and clothes in the same way. Some of the tools that you move to Seattle might require specialty packing. For example, tools can be large and heavy and you cannot put them in a light cardboard box. Remember that you can always consult with experts about the packing process and ask them to assist you with it.

You will not need all your tools.

Home decor is one of the things you won’t need after moving

Another one on the list of things you won’t need after moving is home decor. Some home decor pieces may not complement Seattle’s style. Keep in mind that lifestyles are different in Los Angeles and Seattle. It also means that LA has one way of decorating places of living and Seattle has another. So, it is important to follow the trend and know which home decor is the best option for a home in Seattle. However, if you still want to relocate some of the important home decor items, you should do it. Still, before making your home functional in Seattle, you should find a safe place for them. In that case, experts at hansenbros.com suggest hiring professionals in the field to provide you with top-quality storage services!

Gardening tools and plants

If you are planning to live in Seattle and still have a weekend getaway to experience the life in countryside, you are probably wondering if will you need tools and plants. As we mentioned, some specialized gardening equipment from Los Angels is not suitable for the Seattle environment. While basic tools like shovels, pruners, and watering cans will still be useful, specialized equipment for arid climates may not be as essential. Consider adapting your gardening approach to Seattle’s climate and soil conditions. In this city, you will find all the necessary equipment and tools that you will need for maintaining the garden. So, gardening tools and plants are also not on the list of things you will need after moving to Seattle.

Old furniture

One of the things you won’t need after relocating is old furniture. Bringing along bulky or outdated furniture can make your new home feel cramped and hinder the opportunity for a fresh start. Instead, consider downsizing your furniture collection. Also, a good thing about getting rid of old furniture is that you can save money while moving. You can explore cost-effective options like selling or donating your old furniture.

Old chair.
This is the perfect chance to get rid of the old furniture.

Beach equipment

As you embark on your move to Seattle, it’s time to say goodbye to the beach equipment as the final thing you won’t need after relocating. While there are waterfront areas to enjoy, the focus in Seattle shifts more towards lush parks, mountain trails, and water activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding. You will outdoor adventures that await you in Seattle’s stunning natural landscapes!

It is important to know which things you won’t need after moving to Seattle

You can see that by knowing which things you won’t need after moving to Seattle, you will simplify the entire process. In this way, you will get rid of unnecessary belongings and you will create a more comfortable space in your home. Have a great success with your upcoming move to Seattle and enjoy this amazing city!

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