5 Reasons why you should consider moving to Mesquite

If we tell you to imagine in your head quintessentially Texas town of today, you will think of a town that will look the same as Mesquite. This is a city that currently has around 150,000 residents and it is growing, so you won’t be the only one moving to Mesquite. Some go as far as saying that this is the city of the future in Texas. And, essentially it has it all.

1. Moving to Mesquite is moving to Rodeo Capital of Texas

Whether you’re born in Texas or not, you have to love the old cowboy boots, 10-gallon hats, and watching rodeo happening. It’s an event like no other. And Mesquite is literally the Rodeo Capital of Texas. Local championship rodeo takes place every Saturday night, and you can cheer your favorite cowboys competing in many different disciplines. If nothing else, Mesquite is among the best places in Texas for healthcare professionals mainly because of the rodeo.

Cowboy on a horse that you will see after moving to Mesquite
As Mesquite is rodeo capital of Texas, you better adjust to cowboy hats and boots.

2. It has an unexpected cultural side

If you already started sweating, don’t worry. Mesquite isn’t all about the cowboys, bulls, and horses. Although seriously underrated, the cultural side of the town is amazing. We’re sure that all the art lovers among you will definitely love it. Our professionals from triple7movers.com tell us that the place where you want to start your search is Mesquite Arts Center. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of performing and visual artists.

3. The marketplace as a place of shopping after moving to Mesquite

This is another unexpected feature that you get by moving to Mesquite. The town has a big marketplace with locally grown fresh produce. Remember what every famous chef says, it’s best to buy your ingredients fresh and from a local source. It’s a much nicer and a much greener way of taking care of grocery shopping. And you don’t have to wait to get here to start with eco-friendliness. Read tips for a green relocation in Texas before the move.

Vegetables in marketplace.
You can buy locally grown fresh groceries after moving to Mesquite.

4. You’ll learn to love Dirt Track Racing

Ok, we already hear that 14-year-old inside of you that makes the hoops around. And yes, dirt track racing is a thing unlike anything else. It’s a real 100 miles an hour dirt track craziness. The name of the speedway is Devil’s Bowl so you know what to expect. Well, just the opposite of what you might think. You know how everyone says that moving to a new neighborhood is easy, but meeting people is hard? Well, here people are very friendly and the sense of community is more than the present. So, it’s a great place to start.

5. It has it all

Since it is in the Dallas Fort Worth area you have easy access to the city of Dallas. And you are excluded from all the city overpopulation and hustle and bustle. The cost of living in this city is below the national average, which makes moving to Mesquite a perfectly reasonable thing. Additionally, home prices are affordable and the median income is on the rise. So, if you’re ever going to move here, now is the time.

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