4 items movers won’t move

The process of moving involves a lot of packing. Boxes, packing paper, tapes, bubble wrap, etc., are just some of the moving items you’ll need to purchase. You should plan a packing timetable, arrange a packing party, and otherwise set up a time to organize and pack your things. Local and long-distance moving companies might be contracted to pack your goods instead. There are, however, items that the movers should not pack or cannot pack for you. Please refer to the following checklist in order to identify items movers won’t move.

#1 Dangerous Items

This is something you need to know before signing a contract with movers. It’s common practice for movers to keep a list of dangerous objects they won’t transport, and they’ll probably refuse to pack those items for you. The following things are examples of what can fall within this category:

  • Gasoline
  • Fireworks
  • Nail Polish Removers
  • Lighter fluid
  • Oxygen Bottles

If professional movers say it’s too risky to transport these products, then it’s too risky for you to do it yourself. Once you get to your new residence, you can go out and buy new versions of most of these things with relative ease.

toxic bottles movers won't move
Don’t forget to include poisonous items in this list.

#2 Food is another thing movers won’t move

Food is one of the few things that movers would typically pack or move for you. Nonetheless, you should think about whether or not it’s a good plan. Since glass jars and perishables are prone to breaking, leaking, or molding during transit, Allied advises that you dispose of them before moving. However, dried fruits, spices, oils, and other non-perishables travel nicely in boxes or cans. If you’re not sure whether or not your movers will transport perishable food items, don’t hesitate to inquire. If you are transporting food you will need to have a special contract with your movers.

#3 Valuable items

Regardless of the company’s stance on transferring clients’ valuables, you must consider keeping them with you during the relocation. This is because, even if the movers were to pay for their loss, the items in question would likely be irreplaceable sentimental keepsakes.

A jeweler observing a valuable ring
Anything of value should be in a safe.

#4 Pets

Yes, we know pets are not items – they are family members. That is the reason why we need to warn you. Most people assume that movers will gladly relocate their pets as well and the hard truth is that many of them won’t be willing to do so. Serious movers have an additional service called “pet relocation”. The more additional services movers have – the chances are they are better equipped so look for those. Maybe it would be nice to find the ones that can also offer you storage to store everything for as long as you need.

#5 Guns are a big no-no for many moving companies

There are many gun owners in the USA. But you should know that guns are often on the list of items movers won’t move for you. This is something you need to call and ask for it. Don’t bring any kind of weapon without telling movers that no matter how legal it is.

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