3 challenges to face when moving your office from Alabama to Illinois

There are plenty of reasons that can motivate you or force you to move your office. No matter what the reason behind the move might be, office relocations are never simple nor easy. So, if you were hoping to waltz through your move think again. Still, there are steps that you can take to simplify your move and protect your business from all the negative consequences. However, before you dive into moving your office, you must get familiar with the biggest challenges.

Which are the biggest challenges when moving your office from Alabama to Illinois?

To minimize the challenges of your commercial move you first must know what they are. Otherwise, there will be no way to jump ahead of them. Certainly, there are plenty of obstacles that you will have to overcome, but these three must be taken head-on.

A large office space that is based on an open concept.
When moving your office from Alabama to Illinois use our tips to simplify your relocation.

Productivity loss is always a side effect when moving your office from Alabama to Illinois

No matter how small your business might be, during your move, you will have some productivity issues. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this undesirable side effect of commercial relocation. The only thing you can do is to do your best to minimize the negative consequences. Speeding up your moving process can be helpful, but there are also other ways to soften the blow of relocating.

Possible solutions

By now you are aware that your day to day office operations will be disrupted. Thus, don’t be unrealistic and think that this won’t happen to your business. More than ever before it is time to be proactive.

Move during the weekend or a holiday

One way to prevent major loss of business is by moving during the weekends or holidays since on those days your office isn’t up and running. If you reach out to skilled professionals, be aware that their services might be somewhat more expensive than they would on a regular day. Still, the enlarged costs might be well worth it if your processes don’t get disrupted.

Have your employees work remotely

While the move is under raps you can send your employees to work from a remote relocation or from their homes. This solution has its own challenges. Managing employees remotely can be difficult. But if your employees are trustworthy it can be a great way to partially keep your business going during an office relocation.

A woman working from home on her laptop.
Trustworthy employees can be always allowed to work from home. This way your business can at least partially keep going while moving your office from Alabama to Illinois.

Don’t get rid of your old office space too fast

If your moving budget is tight this might not be the best solution for your company. However, if you have extra cash this is a great way to avoid business disruption. One part of your employees can work in your old offices while the rest gets settled into your new digs. This way the work will never stop.

Setting a bulletproof office moving budget

While moving your office from Alabama to Illinois you will have many expenses. Of course, you will do your best to put together a reliable moving budget. However, that might be easier said than done. Moving is a risky business because plenty of unforeseen circumstances can occur. Very often those unpredictable changes in your moving schedule cost money. Even if you struggle to do this moving chore, do your best. Don’t skip it! If you do your financials might take a hard hit.

Possible solutions

You can’t predict everything that can happen during your move. Still, you can try to be as accurate as possible.

Leave a little extra space

Your moving budget should contain all possible expenses for your relocation. Yet, it should also have a little breathing space. If you can add an extra 10% to the amount you came up with. This way if you need extra cash you will not kill your budget. It is good to have extra financial cushioning.

Be practical and smart about spending

There are things that you can do to lower your office moving expenses. Use original moving boxes for your electronics and other equipment. For the rest of your office items get used moving boxes or buy them in bulk so you get a discount. In addition, request multiple moving quotes from professional moving companies before you choose your winner. There are plenty of other ways to save money during a commercial move. Make sure you do extensive research.

Communication is key!

Once you are certain when you need to move, you will head on over to park-moving.com to request a moving quote. But that is not all you need to do right away. Communicating with all interested parties in your business is vital. Without it, your business can become severely dented after your relocation.

Possible solutions

The most important factors in your business are your employees, customers, and vendors. You must clearly communicate your moving plans but also your expectations during that period with them.

Have a meeting with employees

In which direction will your meeting with employees go depends on the direction you plan on taking. If you decide to relocate your employees to Illinois with you, be prepared to give them lots of time to plan their move and to make the decision if they would follow you. Also, as an employer and a business owner be prepared to offer relocation packages to all that are expected to relocate.

Employees with open laptops attending a meeting.
If you fail to inform your employees of your plan you can jeopardize your business.

Send a newsletter to vendors and loyal customers

If you have lots of customers and vendors, it will be difficult to contact them all separately. Sending an informative newsletter about your move is a great way to spread the word. However, those that are more significant to your business than others should be contacted separately.


Moving your office from Alabama to Illinois will without a doubt be a major challenge for yourself and your business in more ways than one. However, if you want to see your business flourish these are the changes that you must be willing to make. After all, what doesn’t break your business will only make it strong. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning and packing. Your Illinois offices await you.

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